Are you using face masks correctly?

Did you know that you can improve the effectiveness of your face mask by following some important pre- and post-prep steps? Here are some FAQs.

How often should you use a face mask?
Depending on the mask’s formula, your skin type, and your needs, you can use them either daily or twice a week. Sheet masks usually act like moisturisers, so they can be used every day as they hydrate your skin. Whereas peel-off masks work like exfoliators and are best used once or twice a week. 

How to apply a face mask?
While slapping on a face mask, takesome time out to prep your skin. 

Clean completely.Double-cleanse your skin first and then use a toner.You can exfoliate too,especially the brow area, T-zone, and jawline to unclog pores and allow the face mask to reach deeper.

Open the pores.Try taking a hot shower before applying the mask to open up the pores. This way you’re prepping your skin to accept the ingredients. A facial steamer and a hot cloth on the face help, too. 

Apply it right.Ensure that your skin is completely dry if you're applying a sheet mask.For mud mask or clay masks, use a mask brush. Avoid fingers as it can cause bacteria or acne. Moreover, it’s precise! 

Set a timer.Leaving a mask on for too long can sometimes be harmful. Hence knowing when to take it off is equallyimportant. If the mask sits for too long on your skin, it can pull out the moisture,leaving it dryer than before.

Don't forget the post-mask steps. After the sheet mask is removed use the remaining serum for massaging it back into the skin. With a cream masks, take off the excess with a tissue and massage the rest into your skin. For masks that need to be completely removed, followthe instructions given on the package. Applya soothing moisturiser in a circular massage to round it all off.         – Sumana Reddy