Archana Jaju

The fashion industry is a competitive world, with designers striving to create the next big thing and set trends. But Archana Jaju thinks otherwise. A textile brand with Indian origins, Archana Jaju’s label is known for its classic sarees and dupattas. They are in constant development, drawing inspiration from the culture, and traditions of the country. Textiles and crafts from all over are utilised to create unique pieces that cannot be found anywhere else. They offer exclusivity to their clients as they create only one piece of each outfit, which will help to avoid an awkward moment at a party where someone’s dressed the same as you. When asked about the conception of the brand, Archana replied, “I got married at a young age and the family I married into had been retailing sarees across India. This gave me the opportunity to explore my own creative side, and I soon started to create my own sarees. I started designing in 1996 and I hadn’t imagined back then that this would turn into a full-time job.”

Archana takes pride in not following trends, revealing that she has no signature style. “Our outfits are simple, rich, and handcrafted to perfection by skilled artisans.  More than creating collections, I focus on the quality of the product. Every piece I designed is made with comfort in mind and can be worn in any season.” Archana often mixes two or three different kinds of handlooms, mixing and matching to find the perfect blend of material. Although she loves to experiment and play around with materials because she creates something new and unique every day, Archana’s favourite textures to work with are muga and tussar silks. With her unique take on Indian ethnic wear and her knowledge of the looms, Archana’s creative designs surely stand out!     – Rubaina