Aquatic Serenity

The striking new swimming pool at the Taj Krishna is the perfect way to ease your daily stress while getting some good exercise. Large, well-lit and surrounded by beautiful flora that offers a serene and calming effect, it’s the largest city pool in India and is equipped with the latest Ozone technology, making it one of the healthiest and most comfortable of its kind.
Next to the pool are three beautiful hot tubs with dome-like structures for roofs, open from all directions. Each one is filled with a different type of water: hot, cold and salt. These are ideal for relaxation after a hard day’s work. Hot and cold water therapy are said to increase blood circulation, reduce joint pain and calm frayed nerves, while saltwater therapy enlivens your senses with its therapeutic and scented nature.
With the scorching summer heat setting in and the mercury rising by the day, the Taj Krishna swimming pool is ideal for those looking for a relaxing dip in a tranquil environment. The cane beach beds placed by the side of the pool allow you a chance to lie down and relax, both before and after a swim. Join up as a member of the Taj Krishna’s fitness centre to witness this beautiful setting for yourself!    

..... Niharika