Aquatic Adventures

When it comes to planning a getaway, more often than not it stems from wanting to get away from the monotony of one’s daily life. That was exactly the case for Pritesh Goyal, director and designer of SLG Jewellers, when he planned a well-deserved holiday to Bora Bora Islands with his wife Ayushi. Recounting a trip that left them invigorated but wanting more, the jewellery designer shares some insights from one of his most exotic holidays. We’re sure this will leave everyone with an urge to plan, pack and take off!

In this fast-paced world brimming with busy people, fortunate are those who can spare enough time to pursue their passions. After various failed attempts, I finally set aside my business engagements and started browsing online for the best place for a quick getaway. Luckily, this virtual guide didn’t disappoint when I came across the beauty of one of the world’s most incredible islands, Bora Bora.  
Swamped with the daily hustle-bustle and work woes, everyone craves a rejuvenating session that can completely charge you up. And being an avid traveller by heart, I simply could not ignore an escape to the Bora Bora Islands, better known as the jewel of the South Seas. But, beautiful places deserve a beautiful companion, and who else could be the ideal partner for this journey than my better half – Ayushi. 


The exotic beauty of the island cast its spell upon us right from the moment our aircraft began to descend on the aquatic haven which was surrounded by an equally stunning lagoon and barrier reef. We were first greeted by the spectacular view of the palm-covered motus (islets), which surrounded the main island. The translucent coral reefs beneath the stunning waters, with an array of blue and green shades, were a sight that I shall remember for the rest of my life.

The palm trees hedging over the runway with picturesque outdoors and a pretty beach at the backdrop were nothing less than a scene from paradise. The moment we stepped out of the airport we were treated to the sight of the hotel boats that silently bobbed and waited, ready to whisk us off on an enthralling journey. The first stop, our luxurious villa!

Away from land, nestled between the lagoon and the ocean, were the quiet and serene overwater villas. Situated on a motu all by itself, our villa offered breathtaking and uninterrupted views of the ocean and the horizon. The bright and playful fish moving around the reefs and the decks throughout the day was an enjoyable sight to behold.


But honestly speaking, the wee hours of the morning were definitely the best time to enjoy the harmonious and mystical look of the ocean, with its aquatic animals jubilantly enjoying themselves. In fact, the panoramic view of the pristine natural surroundings was a true inspiration for a designer like me.    

With such a dreamlike setting of the sand-edged motus, viewing the confluence of indigo, sapphire, and turquoise, this place was unsurprisingly a hit among the honeymooners. However, Bora Bora certainly offered much more than just a perfect romantic setting. From the relaxed holiday seekers to the avid adventure lovers, the island had something in store for everyone. Water activities like diving, snorkelling, lagoon tours, hiking, and parasailing were readily available, and the guests made sure to take advantage of all the amenities on offer.


From basking at the hotel’s spa to star-gazing and enjoying the local folk dances, Ayushi and I enjoyed the many amazing activities offered by the equally amazing Four Seasons hotel staff. Despite it being a relaxing holiday, we couldn’t help but indulge in some water activities; our pick was snorkelling. Apart from this little dive into a vibrant world amidst the many aquatic wonders, the underwater scooter ride was definitely an activity that we would recommend. But the one thing that was considered the prime attraction here was swimming with the sharks and rays in the Bora Bora Lagoonarium, and that is something we would love to return to the islands for.      – Pritesh Goyal