Another Feather in Her Cap - Sanjjanaa Galrani

While she’s got her luxury yoga academy on autopilot, the gorgeous Sanjjanaa Galrani has added interior design to her repertoire, all while continuing to enthral audiences with her acting talent. Her firm, Sanjjanaa Galrani Interiors, has already landed several projects and is off to a terrific start. This week, the multi-talented actress talks to us about her career in filmdom, and her forays in various other fields. it’s Sanjjanaa’s gorgeous smile and charming personality that make her stand out, the reason we picked her for the Best Photogenic Face of the Year.

Tell us about the current projects you’re working on?
In Dandupalya part 2, I’m playing the part of a cold blooded murderer, and it is scheduled to release in mid-2017. I have another role in Dandupalya part3, which will release at the end of 2017. I’m looking forward to both equally. Apart from this I’m working on a Kannada television show called Super Kabaddi, in which I own a team called Khatarnak Queens. I play the mentor for the team and we’re having a great time. My team’s playing really well and I’m looking forward to winning the championship.

Working in three industries at a time must be quite taxing, no?
Yes it is! I go a bit too crazy sometimes, but that’s the thrill of life!

Which industry do you feel most comfortable in?
Telugu is very chilled out, Malayalam is like going to school – very disciplined. I feel at home in the Kannada industry because I was born and brought up in Karnataka. But to me the only difference is the language; everything else remains the same. You have to work equally hard in all industries, in fact, in every field.  

Is there any actor or director you’d most like to work with?
I’d love to work with Puri Jagannath again, and of course working with Rajamouli is my dream. He and I share our birthdays too, so I think we’ll get along really well (laughs).

If you were part of any remake, which one would you want it to be?

What is your most memorable experience in filmdom so far?
I’ve been in movies for the last seven years, and everyday has been a blessing, with so much to learn. But working with Puri Jagannath and Pawan Kalyan were definitely my most memorable days.

How did you get into acting?
Honestly, I didn’t want to study too much, and since I come from a middle class family I had a lot of responsibilities at a very young age. So I started working early in life, and my first ad was one with John Abraham. That was my stepping stone. One thing led to another, and here I am!

Who do you credit for your success?
Myself! It’s not been a cakewalk at all. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but every decision I’ve taken has been my own.

You’re quite a sports fanatic. What are the sports that you most enjoy playing?
I love sports; I believe they’re a great stress buster and a change from the mundane life. Currently I’m deeply intrigued by kabaddi, and although I’m not actually playing the game I’m very much involved in it. Apart from this I enjoy playing badminton; it’s a niche sport and quite a good workout, too. I was also part of last year’s Celebrity Badminton League’s winning team – the Tollywood Thunders!
Yoga gives me peace of mind and I absolutely love it. I even own a yoga institute called Akshar Power Yoga Academy, located in Koramangala in Bengaluru.

How did you venture into yoga as a profession?
I came across a yoga centre near my house and right upon entering it I felt immense peace. After visiting it a couple of times, I decided to take on yoga professionally. I’m now a trained yoga instructor and at my centre we provide self designed programs, much like circuit training.

How do you unwind?
I watch a lot of movies in different languages; it’s important because it keeps me updated on what’s happening in the world of cinema. Apart from this, like any normal girl I enjoy chilling with my friends when I get the time.

You’ve recently also started an interior design firm. How did that happen?
No actor ever works 365 days a year. So whenever I get time off of acting, I like to utilise it wisely. That’s how I started my yoga business, too. But it was only while I was constructing and doing up my home in 100 Feet Road in Bengaluru last that I realised how much I enjoyed putting things together to make a beautiful space. It took 18 months for my house to be ready, and I enjoyed every bit of it. I deeply analysed every aspect, including the construction, architecture, interiors or the colour combinations. And after a point I realised that I couldn’t fill up my house with any more things. So I decided to take this up as a career and that’s how I set up my firm: Sanjjanaa Galrani Interiors.    

I have a team of 15 professionals who together create a space. Of course, it’s spearheaded by me as I first meet with the client and understand their needs before assigning a team to them. I’m currently working on Sunil Poojari’s house in Bengaluru. He is the Managing Director of Airways Courier.

Where did you draw your inspiration from?
I live in five-star hotels very often while working, and each time I would return I’d sense a standard drop. That’s what I was aiming at eradicating while I was making my own home. Everything – from the beds and blankets to the sauna and Jacuzzi – I wanted it all to be state-of-the-art yet practical. I follow the same philosophy with my brand.  

What’s next?
I’m looking forward to attending an interiors fair that will take place in Paris this year that brings together all the premium brands and interior decorators from the world over, under one roof. Apart from that I want to visit China and Guangzhou to take a look at the vast collections of artefacts and furniture available there.
On the personal front, I’d love to visit Macau for a holiday this year.    --- as told to Niharika