Angela Ponce as first Trans women to compete in Miss Universe

Angela Ponce, 26-year-old model is the winner of the title of Miss Universe Spain at the country’s national pageant over the past weekend. 

This December, she is all set to compete in the Philippines, as the first open trans contestant at Miss Universe. 

In an Instagram post, she looked absolutely stunning while posing in a swimsuit with the Spanish flag- she wrote in Spanish, “Wearing the name and colors of Spain before the universe in my great dream. My goal: to be a spokesperson for a message of inclusion, respect and diversity not only for the lgbtq+ community but also for the whole world”.   

The Miss Universe competition for the first time has allowed Trans women to compete back in 2012, just as Jenna Talackova had fought for her right to compete in Miss Universe Canada. She made it up to the Top 12, where she is one of the four contestants to be named “Miss Congeniality”. She got involved in a controversy and a women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred defended her. 

-Mantika kaur kandhari
-Angela Ponce’s Instagram