Angela From The Office Addresses Nephew’s Tinder Meme!

Everyone’s favourite show The Office ended, leaving fans craving more of all the quirky and hilarious characters the show took away with its end. Recently a funny meme has been doing the rounds regarding one of the Office regulars, Angela Kinsley who played snobby and religious Angela Martin. The meme was a screenshot of Angela’s nephew’s account page on the popular dating app Tinder. The image shows his profile picture, which is a picture of him with Angela, and his bio reads, “Life long musician, can get along with just about anyone. Also a former firefighter. You can still call me a fireman cause I turn the hoes on and yes Angela from the office is my aunt.”

Fans of the show found this hilarious and the image has been circulating the interweb for awhile now. We must say that the strategy must have worked due to the shows wild popularity, people probably saw that and immediately swiped right! It got so popular that Angela herself actually saw it and addressed it in her Instagram story! Her response, although it was simple, reflected the sassy personality which got her famous on the show and made her the iconic Angela she is today. "Nephews... do not put me in your @tinder profile photos. K. Thx. Byeeeee," she posted to her Instagram Stories.  Fans found it hilarious due to the possibility of Angela from the show being a similarly comical person in real life as well. James has not given any response yet but we’d say he is lucky to be related to such an iconic personality so he should be grateful regardless! 

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Angela Kinsley Instagram