Amazon Echo’s New Feature Could Save Lives

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker consisting of 9.25 inch tall cylinder speaker with seven piece microphone array and a personal assistant service, Alexa, developed by The Amazon Echo was launched last year in UK and within no time it has become a huge hit racking up awards and praises.

Recently the British Red Cross has launched a new first aid skill on Amazon Echo which enabled users to access First Aid advice in their home. The free voice recognition uses spoken instructions to teach people a range of skills, such as how to treat severe bleed, burns and seizure. Once the skill is installed it is handled via the companion smartphone app which users can assess by saying “Alexa, open First Aid” and ask for queries on how to help someone with a seizure and the skill contains help for most types of injuries that happen at home, broken bones, seizures, burns, heavy bleeding and asthma attacks. According to a research conducted by Red Cross, “upto 50% of the deaths that occur pre- hospital could be avoided if more people were able to step in and offer basic First Aid.” According to ‘Express’, the British Red Cross stated “First Aid seeks to educate people in first aid as part of their daily lives, making them more confident and better equipped to step in and help in emergency situations.” Further adding to this British Red Cross Head of First Aid, Joe Mullingan said “This is a very exciting time for us, and highlights our ambition to embrace new digital technologies to reach and engage more people in first aid education. We’ll be developing this product all the time based on user feedback, and we’re looking forward to seeing it grow.”

The First Aid Alexa app can be downloaded at

 -Akhila Kakarala
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