Amazing Mineral Oil for Hair and Skin

While mineral oil is commonly used for removing stains and sanitising surfaces at home, its benefits for hair and skin are plenty. Although a natural byproduct of crude oil before it turns into petroleum products or gasoline, mineral oil is not so tough to find in the market. Since it is versatile, experts say that this oil is a must to have in every home! Mineral oil helps alleviate medical conditions, like constipation, dehydration, and indigestion. Apart from that, it cures skin and hair problems, such as skin inflammation, psoriasis, eczema, and dry skin and dandruff and scalp issues, respectively.

Mineral Oil for Skin:

Helps nourish dry skin. A natural sealant for your skin, mineral oil locks the moisture that helps prevent the skin from drying. This means you are protecting your skin from inflammation and infections. 

Treats skin conditions. Use mineral oil if you’re suffering from eczema, psoriasis, or other skin inflammatory disorders. It acts as an emollient and moisturizer.

Works as a makeup remover. Mineral oil’s alkanes are good enough to cut through the toughest of chemical mixtures, which will help remove makeup and keep the skin clean.

Mineral Oil Health:

Cures constipation. Mineral oil helps clear the digestive tract. It lubes the tract and promotes peristalsis motion. This motion induces bowel movements and cures constipation.

Cures gut inflammation. With the hydrating and soothing properties of mineral oil, your gut can be prevented from any inflammation. It coats the stomach, which does not allow irritation from bacterial infection or food to occur.

Mineral Oil for Hair:

Prevents dandruff. Mineral oil eliminates dry skin from your scalp, as it is very hydrating and moisturizing.

Improves your hair condition. You can improve the appearance, texture, elasticity, and shine of your hair with mineral oil too, while it also neutralises frizz and treats split ends effectively