Amazing Gadgets

Caviar’s Tesla Limited Edition iPhone X
The Russian company, Caviar, is best known for releasing some of the most outrageously expensive phones out there. They are usually a luxurious take on iPhones or the latest devices released by Samsung. Caviar’s latest creation, the Tesla limited-edition iPhone X, is a new smartphone that is so classy that you just have to have it. This device shows off a case plated in carbon and gold, with a creative solar charging panel that promises to keep it up and running all the time, although you can also charge its battery from bright lamps! So, if you are not in the mood to go outside, you could just stay in and charge it anyway. Knowing that it is a limited edition phone, it is no surprise that Caviar plans to produce only 999 units of this beauty. Although the technical specs are not worth discussing, as the Tesla Limited Edition is just like all other iPhone X phones out there, the exterior of this device really makes it stand out and makes it look quite exquisite. It bears the Caviar Luxury Standard and matches up to all your luxurious dreams.

MW50+ by Master & Dynamic
The audio specialists of Master & Dynamic have yet again added an impressive piece to their huge collection of audio products. The brand new MW50+wireless On and Over-Ear Headphones are available in three unique combinations, boasting silver metal and brown leather, silver metal and black leather, and also a black metal and black leather version. This device can be carried anywhere since it is compact and lightweight, and allows users the choice of an on-ear or over-ear experience in one pair. The versatile set features interchangeable magnetic ear pads, allowing you to be able to experience crisp audio quality on the move as well. The set will come with signature Master & Dynamic design elements, showing off some minimal industrial aesthetics, precise detailing, premium materials, and tactile components. They also pack a multi point connection, a 16-hour lithium ion rechargeable battery, and a heavy grain cowhide leather headband. Beneath the cool exterior hides custom 40 mm beryllium drivers, making the headphones an even better treat.

Bang & Olufsen 4K OLED TV and a new BeoLab 50 Speaker
Bang & Olufsen has always come out with some really genius ideas, surprising us with a new beauty almost every week. We now have another creation to admire by this company, the brand’s OLED 4K television and the BeoLab 50 loudspeaker, showing off a fresh “Brass Tone and Smoked Oak” colorway. The timeless elegance and pure luxury are added bonuses that come with these superb devices. The BeoVision Eclipse TV now boasts brass-tone aluminium on its motorised floor stand and the side and rear of the audio centre. Not to forget, the brass-tone is also present on the BeoRemote One BT Netflix version. All this, along with the speaker cover on the front which was handmade in a beautiful smoked oak wood, makes this masterpiece all the more graceful. Also present is the BeoLab 50 speaker which has also been meticulously anodised in a brass-tone, including the motorised acoustic lens and the unique beam width control, controlling sound dispersion. It is decorated with the same smoked oak wood, overlaying the side of the speaker to match the 4K OLED TV. Although it has not been released yet, it is safe to assume that the expensive pricing will definitely be worth it.