Amazing Benefits of Garlic for Skin, Hair, and Health

Not only can the pungent and healthy herb, garlic, ward off vampires as the saying goes, but also many health problems. However, unlike the vampire stories, the benefits of garlic for your body are evidence-based. Consume garlic in whichever form you like – raw, dried, roasted, or added to your curries. Whichever way you prefer, remember to include garlic in your daily diet. Here are some benefits of garlic for your health, hair, and skin.

Benefits of Garlic for Health

1. Stabilises blood pressure
2. Lowers LDL cholesterol
3. Prevents cardiovascular diseases
4. Improves bone health
5. Relieves intestinal ailments
6. Regulates blood sugar
7. Prevents thromboembolism
8. Helps fight cancer
9. Strengthens immune system
10. Relieves oxidative stress
11. Prevents heavy metal poisoning
12. Helps fight diabetes
13. Reduces yeast infections
14. Treats UTI and kidney infections
15. Treats Asthma and common cold
16. Kills cold sores
17. Prevents Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
18. Aids in weight loss
19. Keeps the eyes in good condition
20. Helps reduce ear infections
21. Kills oral pathogens
22. Improves iron and zinc absorption
23. Ameliorates fatty liver
24. Helps you live longer

Benefits of Garlic for Skin

25. Reduces acne
26. Soothes Psoriasis
27. Delays aging
28. Removes stretch marks
29. Eczema
30. Treats athlete’s foot

Benefits of Garlic for Hair

31. Prevents hair loss

Potential Raw Garlic Side Effects

Although the benefits of including garlic in your diet are many, too much garlic is too bad. Take a look at the side effects.
•    Bad Odor
•    Nausea, heartburn, vomiting
•    Gastritis issues
•    Body heating
•    Triggers migraine
•    Effects eyesight
•    Low blood pressure
•    Skin irritation
•    Aggravates vaginal infection
•    Liver damage

Who Should Avoid Garlic

•    Pregnant women
•    Those suffering from stomach ulcer, IBS, IBD, or underwent intestinal surgery

Pic courtesy: Pixabay