Amazing Benefits of Amino Acids

Since amino acids are essential for the body, they need to be consumed on a regular basis. Divided into two categories, namely essential and non-essential amino acids, amino acids are protein building blocks that are found in several food sources. While they are also available in the form of supplements, they help in producing enzymes in the body.

Benefits of Amino Acids:

Benefits of amino acids are many. They help boosts muscle growth, decreases sore muscles, reduces fatigue from exercise, prevents muscle wastes, improves liver disease, boosts immunity levels, improves cognitive health, delays signs of ageing, prevents inflammation, and promotes hair growth.

Foods Rich in Amino Acids:

Animal Proteins: Also known as wholesome proteins, foods like pork, chicken, eggs, beef, and turkey have amino acids. They are also present in lean meat and dairy products like milk and yogurt also contain.

Seafood: Fish like tuna, halibut, and salmon, contain amino acids and essential omega-3 fatty acids also.

Nuts, Legumes, and Seeds: Consuming the combination of all these three on a daily basis can be a lot more beneficial for your body than individually. Have black beans, walnuts, pinto beans, almonds, and chickpeas.

Whole Grains: Quinoa contains important amino acids and makes for a complete protein. Other foods that contain whole grains are white bread and grain pasta.

Pic courtesy: Pixabay