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Kirthi Chilakamarri Lanka talks with You & I
Tell us about your company.
Design-ism deals in turnkey solutions and consultation for interior design. We deal with multiple sectors based on requirements. Our philosophy is that no budget is too small or big to build your dream space. We leverage interior consultancy solutions for a cross-section of people with multiple requirements.
How did the name come about?
Design-ism was conceptualised and conceived by my mother and me. The name needed to suggest that there is a sense of deep thought behind the designs we create. What better than ‘ism’, which indicates a philosophy; a channelled school of thought? That is how Design-ism was born.
What’s it like working with your mother?
Mothers and daughters have a special bond and understanding that are unparalleled. Our relationship is no different. She has over 25 years of experience in the execution of interior design. Whenever the design process is underway, we have multiple discussions where there are bouts of disagreement and arguments. This helps bring out the best from our designs. She tells me if the concepts I come up with are practical and feasible, or not. She brings in the realistic angle to my designs.
Being an architect must be very helpful with aesthetics.
Architecture helps in understanding the bigger picture. It gives me a bird’s eye view and has helped me gain technical knowledge of how spaces are to be defined. It tells you how to plan your space with effectiveness. Interior deals in details: the things you see, the things you touch, the things you feel. Aesthetic sense is developed as trait of personality. Finishing a course in architecture will not ensure that you gain a sense of aesthetics. However, doing so gave me a window to look at the bigger picture and put things into perspective.
What’s it like being a woman in your line of work?
Interior design deals mostly with spaces and aesthetics. Women in general are more aesthetically gifted than men (with exceptions). While dealing with clients for residential projects, it is very helpful as the majority of requirements come from the woman of the house. It is easier for women to relate to each other and confide small intricacies. This helps me predict how needs may evolve in the future and design accordingly.
Interiors involve dealing with people from a varied cross-section of society. We deal with clients and labour at the same time, and each of them has a different wavelength. Acclimatising to these varied natures is the only problem that anyone would face, be it a man or a woman. Women know how to get things done, and I don’t think I’m an exception to that rule!
Tell us about yourself.
Partying is how I like to unwind once in a while. I love going away on short trips to break away from the monotony of city life. I am a very religious person at heart, so I love visiting temples every now and then.    

….. as told to Anahita

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