Alternate therapy for healing mental health issues

In this present day scenario, when the world is battling against a huge crisis due to the deadly coronavirus, people are suffering from all kinds of mental health issues. The virus pandemic has definitely taken a toll on our mental wellbeing. The increase in isolation and anxiety of becoming a victim of this deadly virus is a triggering point for mental health problems. Ever since the outbreak of coronavirus started to spread at a rapid pace, there has been several reports of people suffering from serious mental problems like depression and anxiety. After reading this, you may be wondering, is there a treatment to cure mental problems? Well the good news is there are a quit a few ways to deal with mental issues. One effective way to heal your mind and soul is through an alternate therapy. 

Let us see what this alternate therapy is all about.

Alternate therapy is nothing but a series of treatments used to treat mental health conditions which are not part of the  traditional mainstream therapies. Some popular alternative medical treatments are acupuncture, hypnotherapy, energy therapies, homeopathy, ayurvedic medicine, aromatherapy, meditation, Bowen therapy and reflexology.

Acupuncture- This is a popular ancient Chinese method of healing specific health conditions and diseases. Acupuncture involves inserting needles in different parts of your body. This effective treatment releases natural pain relieving chemicals and stimulates the muscles. Studies have shown that this method has proven to show significant results in treating depression. It is also effective in treating other conditions like insomnia, anxiety, infertility and many more. According to the traditional Chinese medicine, the reason behind many health conditions is because of an imbalance of life forces inside our system. The theory behind this practice is quite simple, inserting needles in various parts of your body with the appropriate combinations will generate energy flow, and in turn will make sure that the energy is flowing properly to  various parts in the human body.

Hypnotherapy- This is a type of alternate medicine in which hypnosis is used to put your mind in a state of deep relaxation to access subconscious thoughts, beliefs and memories. These subconscious beliefs, memories and thoughts have a profound affect on the way we act. This method helps an individual change unwanted thoughts and behaviors as it creates a sense of self-awareness. It has been beneficial in treating conditions like stress, addiction, anxiety and depression. The purpose of this method is to bring a positive change in an individual while she/he is in a deep state of unconsciousness. The two methods used by trained hypnotherapist is analysis and suggestion therapy. In the suggestion therapy, the treatment depends on how a person is responding to suggestions from the hypnotherapist. This kind of therapy is used to treat some unwanted behavior like smoking and gambling. Suggestion therapy has proved to be an effective treatment to instill positive thoughts. On the other hand, Analysis is another effective treatment in which the subconscious mind is analyzed deeply by retrieving past trauma and memories, which could be the cause for several mental problems. The main goal of this kind of therapy is to examine the root cause of a problem and to come up with solutions. During the analysis therapy, the therapist first hypnotizes the individual by putting her/him in a relaxed state of mind. Once the individual is in a relaxed state of mind, then he/she is asked to explore past memories and life events.

Ayurvedic medicine- A lot of you might be familiar with ayurvedic medicine. This is a widely practiced form of alternate medicine. Ayurveda or ayurvedic medicine is a form of treatment that relies on natural approach to mental and physical health. Ayurvedic medicine is a combination of diet, medicines and lifestyle changes. This type of holistic approach has been effective in treating certain physical and mental problems like schizophrenia, alzheimer’s, anxiety and depression. This type of alternate medicine heavily relies on massages, a variety of herbs, medical oils and laxatives.

Bowen therapy- This is a type of massage therapy in which soft tissues surrounding your muscles and organs are stretched to promote pain relief. The aim of this kind of treatment is to reduce pain by stimulating the nervous system. People rely on bowen therapy to cure various physical ailments like back pain, neck pain, knee injuries along with some mental issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. However unfortunately there hasn't been much research on how this therapy works and its effectiveness on treating a wide range of conditions.

Havening- This is a form of alternate medicine that is practiced to heal phobias, anxiety and traumas. Developed by Ronald Ruden and popularized by hypnotist Paul McKenna. In this type of alternate medicine, a patient is asked to recall events from the past that have been emotionally disturbing, while he/she is in the process of recollecting such events the practitioner gently touches his/her face, arms and palms. This soothing touch permanently removes the receptors that are linked to traumatic memories or experiences. By permanently detaching the receptors, the individual is detached emotionally from events that have caused trauma to a great extent. After this therapy you may still recall such bad experiences but the emotional response is no longer felt rather these memories will be just normal. Havening has not been just successful in isolating traumatic memories but it also helped to a certain extent to treat unwanted emotions in adults due to repetitive bad emotional experiences.

For those of you who are undergoing trauma during the lockdown, here are a few things you can do at home-

  •   Practice yoga on a daily basis
  •   Spend a few minutes in a day on meditation
  •   Walk in the sunlight
  •   Chanting
  •   Practice several calming techniques
  •   Indulging in some kind of hobby- Dancing, singing, baking or even gardening
  •   Connect with the nature
  •   Eat healthy food and exercise
  •   Calm yourself by practicing mindful breathing
  •   Makesure your sleeping for 7 hours each night                                                      -Akhila Kakarala and Pic Courtesy: