Alshon Jeffery responds to the support of second-graders with a surprise

When Alshon Jeffery from the professional American football team Philadelphia Eagles, which is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suffered an injury from a pass going right through his hands at the NFC divisional-round playoff game which was held in New Orleans on 13th January 2019, it resulted in an interception which sealed the game for The New Orleans Saints who won with a score of 20-14.

It was clearly a tough hit on Alshon Jeffery, both physically and emotionally. However, his fans came to his support, and in an adorable gesture, too! A whole second-grade class from West Chester, Pennsylvania wrote letters of support to Alshon Jeffery.

The Philadelphia wide receiver responded by paying a surprise visit to the second graders in their classroom at their school. Initially, the students were informed that Alshon Jeffery was scheduled to interact with them through the online messaging app FaceTime. It might have been a disappointment to them when the FaceTime session couldn’t materialise due to “technical difficulties” which were, of course, a part of the surprise, and the cue for Jeffery to enter the classroom. This took place on 17th January 2019, Thursday. The students who were also wearing Eagles t-shirts and such gear, were thrilled to see the magnificent Alshon Jeffery in person!  

-Kanchan Agarwal
Pic Credit:416th Theater Engineer Command Army Reserve for Wikimedia Commons