Allu Arjun keen on exploring new terrains!

By making his Bollywood debut, actor Allu Arjun is now keen on exploring new terrains. The actor said that he is generally flooded with Bollywood offers, but is still yet to get the ‘great ones’! In the year 2008, Allu Arjun’s Telugu movie Parugu was remade in Hindi as Heropanti. Also, many of the actor’s movies have been dubbed in Hindi.

When asked if he has considered acting in remakes of his own movies, or do a Bollywood movie someday, he said – “Yeah, a full-fledged Hindi film is something that I am interested in. I think any south Indian actor would be interested because it (Bollywood) is such a big industry and a new terrain to explore. I think it's about the right project and director with the right team.” When asked if he has gotten any offers so far, he replied – “Not any great ones. We keep getting something or the other, but nothing great.”

ooking back, many South Indian actors such as Dulquer Salmaan, Ram Charan, Kamal Haasan, Rajinikanth, and many others have tried their hands on Hindi movies. Even though some of their movies have been a success, they often do not enjoy the same kind of fan following and stardom that they do back in their home grounds. To this, the actors said – “I think it is a matter of success. You can take the example of Dhanush. He did a Bollywood film (Raanjhanaa). It worked really well. I think it all depends on the film. Dulquer did (Bollywood) films. I don't think they worked that much. To be a big actor in Bollywood, the key is consistency. I think consistently these people have either not been showing interest or delivering.”

Coming from the family of actors and producers, the son of producer Allu Aravind – Allu Arjun did indeed introduce the regional movie to a wider audience via national media. The actor said – “My father and uncle have been doing great work in south. All these years, I feel, there is a lot of gap between north and south in terms of information and appreciation of each other's work. Of late, because of social media, everybody gets to see everybody's work and the lines are getting blurred. I think it is time to exhibit (your work), break the wall that's been separating us. We always think that 'Okay, this film is not going to release in Bollywood, so what's the point of promoting it for national media. There is no immediate tangible result for this film'. I think this mindset should change. All the actors should step up and start exhibiting their films to national media. Eventually they will get to know and will help the industry.”           - IANS