All things Naughty with Karan Johar!

Karan spills the beans on what he likes to do after having sex to Neha Dhupia!

Trust witty filmmaker Karan Johar to provide us with amusing details about his sex life that will have us all laughing out loud. With some hilarious confessions and revelations on his good friend Neha Dhupia's upcoming audio talk show #NoFilterNeha on Saavn, Karan's episode is surely something to watch out for!

Currently sexting a lot of people, KJo said he is much better with words than actions and can be very creative behind the safety of words. When he was asked about sex, he said he lost his virginity at 26 in New York and felt very grateful to the person after the act. Not stopping at that, he also told us that he loves to shop and buys himself new clothes immediately after having sex. And yet, when Neha asked him about sex comedies and what he thinks of them, he said he finds them appalling and cannot watch them.

We are sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting to hear many more unfiltered tidbits about Karan's life on #NoFilterNeha!

Text coutesy: Thinkkink PR