All about Colour Depositing Products

by saikrishna
All about Colour Depositing Products

Here’s how colour depositing products can work as a miracle on coloured hair.

Embarrassed with gray hair? Worry not. Although the reasons for graying hair could be many, if it is due to the loss of dye from your hair strands, we have a solution for you. Ever heard of color depositing products? Not only are they innovative, they are taking the world by storm! Take a look.

What are color depositing products?

Color depositing products are those that deposit colour in your hair, naturally. It helps keep your hair vibrant in a natural way. What makes color depositing a success? There is absolutely no use of harsh chemicals like peroxide, sulfates, and ammonia.

Why use color depositing shampoos and conditioners?

Hair color is a combination of peroxide and pigment. Higher the level of peroxide, more are the chances of loss of keratin in your hair. There is a loss of pigment as well. Colour depositing shampoos and conditioners help add pigment to your hair. Thus, the life of your hair color is extended by around two weeks! You can also save on expensive hair treatments/re-colouring sessions at your salon. 

How to use these products?

Firstly, the colour depositing products may not be as moisturizing as you expect them to be. They only cleanse your hair and deposit strong pigments on the strands. However, the best way to use them is by leaving the product on your hair for five to 10 minutes and then washing off. It is advised to use a hair mask for extra nourishment.

Are there any side effects?

The side effects of color depositing products are similar to those of hair coloring. Hair damage tops the list, since without chemicals, your hair colour will not stay for long. There may be dryness too, which can be countered by using good hair conditioners. Also, avoid using henna (or mehendi) on your hair after a colouring treatment. It will dry your hair and prevent from giving the right color deposit. 


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