Alia Bhatt's emotional video for Shaheen Bhatt

The World Mental Health Day, falls on 10th October this year, Alia Bhatt's sister Shaheen Bhatt unveiled her first book 'I've Never Been UnHappier'. After reading, Alia Bhatt shared an emotional video for her sister.

In the book 'I've Never Been UnHappier', Shaheen Bhatt wrote about her struggle with depression and it also sheds light on how she lived her life with depression and eventually came out of it. After reading the book, Alia made a touching video for her sister, in which she apologises to Shaheen for not understanding her. Alia took to Instagram and shared a picture of herself writing a letter and captioned it, “Dear Shaheen.. Somehow when I finished reading your book I couldn't tell you how I felt immediately.. Cause I felt too much.. And I don't think I could ever discuss it with you properly.. I've tried now! Link in bio.. #NeverBeenUnhappier”.  

The actress also shared a picture of her sister’s book and captioned it, “I always known my sister was brilliant. She's been my hero, my role model and a being I've aspired to be like in life cause of her inherent goodness, warmth, heart, supremely kick ass sarcastic sense of humour and so on.. Today her first book is out.. And today I think I can safely say she's gone from brilliance to MAGIC.. Tanna I love you.. And lets just say this is just the beginning.. Today and everyday I'm grateful and proud to be your sister @shaheenb #NeverBeenUnhappier”.

-Akhila Kakarala
Pic courtesy: Alia Bhatt Instagram