Ali Fazal: Language can't be a barrier for actor

Actor Ali Fazal, who will be next seen in Hollywood film "Death on The Nile", is open to work in all types of languages. He never wants language to be a barrier in his career.

"Language cannot be a barrier for any actor. Neither can their geographical location nor their ethnicity be. My motive is to create a world filled with great content with people who are so invested in their art that where they come from ceases to matter. We are no longer in that phase where one has to shift Hollywood to be in Hollywood. I am going to continue living in India and keep flying in and out," he said.

Fazal also expressed his desire to work down South. "Sometime earlier this year, I wanted to desperately do a south language film be it Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam because they are making some world class cinema in these very languages. 

"That's the Endeavour to seek out good work in every language possible, and find characters that challenge me and enthuse me to push myself beyond my comfort zone and absorb their complexities," he added.

-    IANS
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