The Alchemist’s Garden by Gucci

Gucci has already proven to us that it knows its perfumes. From Bloom to Guilty, its fragrances are loved by all! With the most recent addition, The Alchemist’s Garden, Gucci has brought back old-world charm in the most glamorous way - its bottles are reminiscent of the old-school pharmacy jars that one can find in an antique apothecary. Everything, from the gold lettering to the patterns surrounding it, this collection has a certain old-fashioned charm to it. It features four perfumed oils, seven eau de parfum, one scented candle, and three acque profumate. Starting with the profumate, the first one is called A Song for the Rose – it has notes of musk and rose, complemented by a touch of wood. The second one is called The Voice of the Snake’, which highlights saffron and patchouli infused with leather. The third and last is called The Eyes of the Tiger, with canilla, tonka, and ciste resin. The rest of the collection also embodies sweet smells of nature, with simple notes and deeper undertones. Each of the eau de parfum stands for different floral scents, which are iris, mimosa, rose, amber, oud, woods, and violet.

The oil scents - Nocturnal Reverie and The Violet Kiss among two other - are sure to blow your mind, while the glass pipette style applicator makes you feel like Katharine Hepburn. The packaging and bottle add to the aesthetic appeal of the collection. All things said and done, Gucci surely knows how to catch our attention!   -