Alaka’I Technologies x BMW Designworks’s Skai

The future is here and the masterminds at BMW are here to ensure we know it. Their incredible new air vehicle concept is here to prove to us that we are getting closer and closer to the age of flying cars. Developed by the brilliant Alaka’i Technologies in collaboration with BMW Designworks, Skai is all set to blow your minds away. It aims to be the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered vertical take-off and and landing (VTOL) air vehicle. BMW handled the design and styling of the machine, which is probably why it looks so chic and sophisticated. Its large windows, glass roof, and sliding doors all add to the sleek design, which is also complemented by a carbon composite airframe and ultra light landing skids.

The interiors have been kept minimal yet glamorous, with the five seats in ‘V’ formation. The beautiful scenery is meant to be the focus of the experience. The seats are composed of impact-absorbing materials and include four-point harnesses. They’re covered in leather upholstery for that classy touch. However, the power train has to be the most impressive part of this beast. The six electric motors present in it are powered by three hydrogen fuel cells which give 134 hp power and push the craft to the speed of 118 mph (190 km/h). You can expect up to 200 to 400 litres (53 -106 gallons) fuel storage in the tank, which will give the vehicle a range of 400 miles (644 km) and four hours air-time.  Another fun fact is that no runway or helipad will be needed to land it, and in fact it can land on rooftops, parking lots, or driveways directly! Take all our money already!    - Courtesy: