Adele Returns With 'Hello'

After waiting four years, we will finally have a new Adele album this year.

Adele's long-anticipated third album, 25, will officially be out on November 20th, and the soulful singer has revealed the track list for the new LP. First single "Hello" will be available for purchase on October 23rd and be accompanied by a music video directed by Xavier Dolan.

Adele’s label has also released a track list for the forthcoming album, and unfortunately it is nowhere near as illuminating as Adele’s statement on “making up.” In fact, it features some of the most banal song titles in recent memory. They are:
1. Hello
2. Send My Love (to Your New Lover)
3. I Miss You
4. When We Were Young
5. Remedy
6. Water Under the Bridge
7. River Lea
8. Love in the Dark
9. Million Years Ago
10. All I Ask
11. Sweetest Devotion
To explain why the now-27-year-old musician would title her most recent record 25, Adele penned a letter to her fans and published it on Twitter.

"Turning 25 was a turning point for me, slap band in the middle of my twenties," Adele wrote. "Teetering on the edge of being an old adolescent and a fully-fledged adult, I make the decision to go into becoming who I'm going to be forever without a removal van full of my old junk. I miss everything about my past, the good and the bad, but only because it won't come back... 25 is about getting to know who I've become without realizing."
The singer won six Grammy awards for her 2011 album 21 and an Academy Award, Grammy, Golden Globe and Brit Award for the theme song to the last James Bond movie, “Skyfall”.

-Devashree Goenka