In Aankhon ki Masti Main:

While we’ve already given you a complete guide to ethnic outfits, let’s come to make-up! It’s a known fact that the star of your makeup look really is your eyeshadow. Winged eyes have their place set in the beauty world, but eyeshadow holds the power to completely change your look for the better. We don’t know one-woman who wouldn’t like to look smashing on this festival of lights. If you are willing to experiment with your eye makeup, we have some pointers for you. Let your eyes do the talking by making them look attractive with these easy-peasy tricks:

The Classic Smokey Eye:
Smokey eyes exude a sense of power. They are dramatic, daring, bold, and they’re perfect for everything from a night out to a special occasion. Nail the Smokey Eye look and be a smoke storm with the following steps:

1: Put on black eyeshadow to the outer corner and into the crease. Blend out the eyeshadow to avoid harsh lines.

2: Apply a gel or pencil liner close to the lash line.

3: Smudge it out and blend it with the existing black eye shadow. If you want to create an intense look, you can even take the eyeliner in the crease and deepen it.

4: Take the liner under the eyes. Smudge it out to create the smoky effect.

5: It’s time for the finishing touches. Apply your favourite volumizing mascara, and you’re good to go!

The Coloured Smokey Eye
Creating a colourful smoky eye is just as simple as creating a neutral one; you just have to choose a bold, fun colour to substitute for the black. Here are some steps to get that colourful smoky eye:

1: Start off with a lilac shimmery eyeshadow as the starting base colour.

2: Pack on some black to the outer corner and blend it out so that there are no harsh lines.

3: Use a slightly darker shade of purple in the middle of the eyelid to create a smooth transition between the lilac and the black. Blend well.

4: Find a peachy pink shade and use a fluffy blush to apply above the crease.

5: Apply kohl or eyeliner to the lower lash line and smudge it out to give it that smoky effect. Tight line your upper water line in order to give your lashes a fuller look.

6: Apply mascara, and your purple smoky is now done!

Full Glitter Coverage
As much as we love smoky eyes and their boldness, we also cannot stress on how pretty and glamorous glitter covered eyes look, that too on Diwali! Take some pointers to get that glittery look here:

1:  Use a cream gold eyeshadow base, put on the gold eyeshadow and blend.

2: Take a dark brown eyeshadow and apply it to the outer corner of the eyelid, with shimmer gold touches inside. Keep applying the gold to the middle of the lid and the brown in the outer corner till you are happy with the intensity.

3: Apply the gold eyeshadow to the lower lash line and lower water line.

4: Apply eyeliner to the upper lash line and wing it out. To complete the look, apply fake lashes and finish up with mascara.

Eyeshadows don’t always have to be only in black, grey or just one monotonous colour. No one can go wrong with these traditional looks including combinations like Silvery purples, Shimmery blues and Burnt pinks.

The two toned look getting all trendy, this time we would play with pink and grey for the love of makeup.

1: Use a pink eyeshadow and apply it onto the eyelid. Leave the centre of the eyelid plain.

3: Apply a soft white shade with pink undertones in the middle space that we left empty. Highlight the brow bone with the same shade.

4: Apply eyeliner and create a flick. Run a pencil liner to the lower lash line and smudge it out.

5: Intensify the look by packing on a shimmery white shade to the centre of the eyelid.

6: Apply false lashes, and highlight the inner corner. You can also extend this highlight slightly towards the inner one-thirds. This will bring a subtle sparkle to your eyes. That’s all!