Aamir Khan out of ‘Incredible India’ Campaign

Aamir Khan out of Incredible India Campaign

Aamir Khan, the Indian actor who’s been the face of the campaign for the last ten years, has been removed. Speculations had been rampant that Aamir’scomments on the intolerance of India werelikely the reason for the actor getting the boot. Meanwhile, authorities emphasize that his contract had ended, firmly saying the actor had not been fired.

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The Rs 100 and Rs 200 Crore Clubs
Khan’s popularity was cemented when he became founder of the Rs 100 crore club before eventually becoming founder of the Rs 200 crore club as well. His films continue to reign as box office hits in movie theaters. His best films have garnered him recognition from a number of award-giving bodies, resulting to numerous awards that include four National Film Awards as well as seven Filmfare Awards. In 2003, he received the Padma Shri and the Padma Bhushan in 2010 from the government. As an actor, he is one of the most popular and influential in Indian cinema.

The Intolerance Issue
Aamir Khan had been the subject of much censure when he voiced out comments that incidents of intolerance were on the rise around the country, “in the last six to eight months”.In an event last November, Khan remarked that he and his wife were talking about moving out of India, given the rise of acts of intolerance in the news. That comment got a debate on social media going. Several actors were unhappy about Khan’s comments while others had expressed support. The backlash reached a fever point with the burning-posters incident in Ludhiana, carried out by the Sena party. Things were bad and worrying enough that the Khan family had to be sent additional police protection.

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Of late, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government had already been under fire. Discontent with India’s intolerance had grown with force when news that writers were returning state awards had started and spread to particular circles: filmmakers, scientists, and historians.

The home minister then released remarks that seem to throw derision at the Bollywood superstar, further tying the incident to the actor’s comments.

End of Contract
The tourism ministry of India has stated that it had no direct hand in employing Khan for the Incredible India campaign, saying it had a contract with McCann Worldwide agency and that the agency was responsible for hiring Khan and that Khan’s contract was now over, clarified Mahesh Sharma, Tourism Minister. The ministry also firmly maintains that Khan’s departure from the project was purely incidental, and not an action taken against him for his comments. In a statement made last Thursday, Khan said he respects the government’s decision when pressed about the non-renewal of his contract as ambassador of the said campaign. Khan further said that the decision to choose a brand ambassador for any of its campaigns was a decision entirely up to the government.

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