Why Jaipur is the Ideal Destination Anytime of the Year

Jaipur, the colourful and vibrant capital of Rajasthan, is the gateway to this royal state and the many splendours it holds. The Sanganer Airport in Jaipur is the only international airport in the state and is also one of the major domestic flight terminals in the state. The bustling bazaars, the stately and resplendent forts, palaces, and haveli’s, the iconic attractions such as the HawaMahal and JantarMantar, the inviting food culture, the music and dance, the air of gaiety, the warmth of the people – the reasons to visit Jaipur can be an endless list. What is interesting, though, is the fact that despite the temperature extremes, Jaipur remains a charming and attractive tourist destination anytime of the year.

Before we start to explain why the Pink City is an ideal round-the-year destination, let us get an insight into the popular tourist season of this city. Due to its proximity to Thar, the arid and dry desert of Rajasthan, Jaipur has three distinct seasons. The hot summer months last between March and July when temperatures soar up to 40 degrees C during the day. August through October are the monsoon months when rainfall brings both relief and humidity. The peak tourist season from November through February brings equitable temperatures and great festivities. It is not surprising then, that most international tourists prefer to visit Jaipur (and in fact all of Rajasthan) during the winter months.

This cosmopolitan city is the place to be to enjoy a warm sunny winter and indulge in the Christmas and New Year festivities. What sets Jaipur apart, however, is the Makar Sankranti festival held in mid-January. The International Kite Festival held in Jaipur during Makar Sankranti is one of the most colourful and joyous occasions you're likely to witness. People come from far and wide and colourful kites of various designs cloud the Jaipur sky. Winter is also the time for other fairs and festivals across Rajasthan making Jaipur the gateway to the state. Do not miss out of the scrumptious local fare on offer during this time – from moist ghewars to steaming pots of saffron laced milk, from daal, baati, churma to pyaazkikachaudi – Jaipur has the best foods on offer at this time.

This having been said, do not discount the allure of visiting Rajasthan’s capital in the summer months. The best hotel deals in Jaipur are available during this time. The sprawling Amer fort takes on a distinct golden sheen in the summer sun and you may want to take your time to appreciate the royal grandeur of this fort with less crowds to distract you. The Jantar Mantar is definitely to be braved in the mid-day sun. How else shall we appreciate the precise timekeeping and architectural skills of the erstwhile royals? Cool off with the rich lassis and rose essence laced kulfis, enjoy the delightful Bajrarotis and curd-based gravies that become ubiquitous in Jaipur during the summer months. Each street has a sundae or ice cream parlour that helps you indulge.

The monsoon season in Jaipur also has much to offer. City Palace is another beautiful palace in the city that looks rather divine in the rainy months. Enjoy the parade of peacocks dancing to herald the rains. Enjoy spa specials and major discounts at some of the top spas and hotels in the city, the likes of The LaLiT Jaipur. This is also the best time to shop for cotton fabric in vivid colours and designs, as you can secure good deals before the winters set in. Remember to get a henna tattoo from a local street-side shop close to the Teej festival. Monsoons are just the season for it.

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