Top three ways to make time for your partner when you’re both busy

In today's fast paced life, with a lot of responsibilities to handle, sometimes it gets really difficult to spend time with your partner, as a result couples are constantly under the fear of putting their relationship at stake.

In this article, we give you top three ways to stay connected with your significant other. 

•    Go on a date atleast once a week- No matter how busy you or your partner is, make sure you both agree to go on a date atleast once a week. Whether you plan to go to your favourite restaurant or cook something at home, it should be a well planned and a romantic one. To make it more exciting, try out an activity or do something special for your partner.

•    Make an effort to leave a text or call in a day- When you both have a busy day at work, it becomes really difficult to make time for each other but for the relationship to stay strong you must make an effort to keep in touch with your boyfriend/girlfriend every day. Send her/him texts showing love and concern atleast once or twice in a day. A supportive lover will surely realise the effort you are putting to save your relationship from falling apart.

•    No screen time before going to bed- The only time to have a good conversation with your soulmate is before going to bed. Turn off your digital gadgets and start a conversation with your partner. You can utilise this time to have a long conversation, play a game or just get some ice cream. All that matters is a little bonding at the end of the day.

-Akhila kakarala
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