Top four travel etiquette tips

Exploring a new place is indeed quite rewarding and fun. However the downside is travel can be a stressful experience when people around you or even you do not follow some basic travel etiquette.

In this article, we present you a list of four travel etiquette tips.

1.Know when to board- Every passenger with a ticket is assigned a seat in the aircraft. All the passengers should board only after their row has been called. Be alert and respect this system, do not disrupt the flow. As a rule, elders and children will be asked to board first and if you do not belong to either of these categories you should wait till your turn comes.

2. Respect the privacy of your co-passengers- We all are aware of the fact that the personal space in an aircraft is limited. Hence, when you are on a plane, you must be respectful of your co-passengers. If you want to recline, you should ask the person behind if they are okay with it. In case you’re planning to chat with your co-passengers,  you must know that not everyone on the flight would be willing to chat.

3. Share the arm rests- The window seat passengers have an advantage of the view, but the downside it that they have to disturb others to get to the toilet. On the other hand, aisle seat passengers will have enough space to stretch but they might not be able to sleep well. When it comes to a middle seat passengers, they will not have either of these advantages hence you must know that and as a courtesy you should allow the middle seat passengers to take both the arm rests.

4.Help co-passengers with their luggage and be mindful of luggage size- If you see any of your co-passengers struggling to place their luggage on the overhead bin, then you may offer to help.  While your packing your luggage for the trip, be mindful of the airline restrictions on how much luggage to carry.

-Akhila kakarala
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