The Surprising Sapota!

Sapota barfi , sapota shake, sapota pie, sapota falooda, sapota kheer- the options are endless and mouth watering! It’s finally sapota season, and the reasons to celebrate are many. Not only is the sapota (also known as chikoo, Sapodilla or Manilkara zapota) versatile enough to fit into all these recipes and more, but thanks to its healthy minerals and loads of nutrients, it also packs some powerful healthy perks. It can help energise your body, keep the heart healthy, protect the hair and vision, keep waistlines in check, and promote wellness in general. Let’s look at some health benefits of the sensational sapota!

Great for the Eyes- A bowl of fresh sapota contains lots of vitamin A which, according to recent research, aids vision, particularly in dim light. A few servings of sapota a day will do a lot of good. 

Source of Energy- Ever heard of sapota juice being touted as an energy drink? Well, it turns out that the delicious fruit is a great source of protein that is essential for growth. It also contains sugars such as fructose and sucrose, which provide instant energy to the body. So the next time you want a quick pick-me-up, add some sapota to your cereal in the morning, or your salad during lunch.

Anti-Inflammatory Agent- The sapota contains tannins – a naturally occurring compound that neutralises acid by binding and precipitating proteins – which make it an important anti-inflammatory. In turn, this can help prevent aesophagitis, irritable bowel syndrome, enteritis, and gastritis. It also reduces inflammation, swelling, and pain.

Glowing Skin- Nutritional perks aside, sapotas can play a key role in a healthy skin routine. The antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E and minerals can help moisturise dry skin, reduce lines and wrinkles, and beautify the skin. The fruit can help give your skin a healthy glow and enhance your natural skin texture and complexion.

Hair Benefits- There is a very good reason why sapotas are used in hair care: They improve blood circulation and repair capillaries, which prevents premature greying of hair. Not only that, the vitamin C in sapota juice helps get rid of follicle debris and accelerates hair growth. Sapotas are also loaded with essential nutrients that make the hair smooth, soft, and more manageable.

Weight Loss- In your weight loss plan, the sapota can be an often-overlooked source of fibre. Yes, studies show that people who consume fibre-rich foods before a meal are more likely to shed pounds than those who don’t. Not only that, it also helps regulate gastric enzyme secretions, and can speed up your metabolic rate to deter obesity.

Cancer Protection- Since sapotas help lower the inflammatory response in the body, they contain certain active phytochemicals. Research has shown that these phytochemicals are conducive to cancer prevention. Additionally, the antioxidants, dietary fibre and nutrients (vitamins A and B) commonly found in sapotas have been linked to fighting off certain cancers, and tightly bind the carcinogens (toxins) to protect the colon’s mucous membrane.

- Anisha