Shah Rukh Khan Wins The Crystal Award 2018

Shah Rukh Khan has won the crystal award for showcasing his leadership abilities in supporting children’s and women’s rights in India.

The world economic forum’s 48th annual meeting will be held on January 22nd 2018 and the 24th annual crystal awards are given to honour the outstanding contribution of artists in improving the state. Shah Rukh Khan is the founder of the non-profit organisation Meer Foundation, which provides support to the female victims of acid attacks and major burn injuries through medical support. The actor is also responsible for the creation of specialized children’s hospitals and had provided childcare centres with free boarding for children undergoing cancer treatments.

Upon receiving the award, Shah Rukh Khan Tweeted saying, “Thank u for this honour. I consider my work with these heroic & beautiful women a great privilege as it imparts dignity & purpose to my life. I hope to spread awareness of the unparalleled heroism of these ladies & reach out to others in order to carry this work to its conclusion”.


-Akhila Kakarala