Rising Star: Ihana Dhillon

Punjabi girl Ihana Dhillon who made a sizzling debut with the recently released “Hate Story 4” describes herself as an introvert. She believes that both, being a commercial success and sending a message to society are equally important for a film today.

Here's You & I in a conversation with the actress on her acting experience, personal favourites, and more:

How difficult is it to survive in this industry without a godfather?
I feel this is the perception of this industry. But with right talent and determination, anything is possible and you get your due recognition with time. What is important is to be honest to your profession and work hard towards your goals.

What’s your take on gender equality in today’s society?
The society is changing. And there is lots of awareness about gender equality today. It is good to see that women are playing an equally important role across all sectors and professions which shows that the lines between genders are blurring.

Sending a message or commercial success, what plays a bigger role in cinema?
I feel both are equally important. Movies are the best medium to convey a message to the society as we know that cinema influences a huge number of people but at the same time we cannot ignore the entertainment side of it. Cinema plays an important part in people’s lives to unwind, hence sending a message and commercial cinema both work parallel to each other.

What kind of a person is Ihana at home and with friends? And how do you unwind?
I love to spend time with my family and friends. That’s the best way for me to unwind. No matter how caught up I am at work I always try to take out time to visit my parents every now and then. I chill with my friends, listen to music and enjoy a conversation over coffee or try various eating places.

Who has influenced your craft the most?
I’m extremely inspired by Priyanka Chopra. She is one of the most successful and finest actresses of Bollywood in the recent times and has been making a big splash overseas, too.

Who is your role model, if any?
It’s difficult to take one name. But I have always been a fan of Shridevi ji, Madhuri Dixit ji, Rekha ji and many other senior actors and actresses. There’s always something to learn from every actor.

How do you describe yourself?
Ihana is an introvert. But she is super fun when you get to know her. She enjoys travelling and values commitments and relationships.


- Jaideep Pandey
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Pic courtsey: Jaideep Pandey