Rana To Start Training With Elephants For His New Movie “Haathi Mera Saathi”

After making all the women swoon with his portrayal of Bhallaladeva in the multi-lingual movie “Bahuballi”, Rana Daggubati is all set to appear in a new movie titled “Haathi Mera Saathi” which is a tribute to the yesteryear Rajesh Khanna film with the same title. The upcoming movie is also a Hindi-Telugu bilingual movie and, according to Rana, is not a copy of the original. 

“It’s a tribute to the old classic but nothing in terms of the script or the content is similar. It works on the ideologies of elephants and humans being friends.” He clarified. Rana is currently working on his period film “1945” and starts shooting for “Haathi Mera Saathi” right after. He will undergo training and get familiarised with elephants as they play an important part for the story of the film. He also recently revealed that he had to lose close to 15 kgs for his role as Bandev in “Haathi Mera Saathi”.

The movie is to be directed by Tamil filmmaker Prabhu Solomon and shooting starts in mid-February in Thailand along with 15 to 18 elephants.


-Rubaina Bilgrami

Picture Courtesy – https://www.instagram.com/p/BdZgPiflfqu/?taken-by=ranadaggubati