Johnny Depp as well-known photojournalist W. Eugene Smith

American actor Johnny Depp, who rose to fame with the famous Television show '21 Jump Street' will be seen playing the role of a well-known photojournalist W. Eugene Smith in "Minamata".

The independent drama "Minamata" is set during 1971 and it will revolve around the professional journey of W. Eugene Smith as a photographer for Life Magazine. It will shed light on the incident that he had brought to limelight about mercury poisoning of people of Minamata Bay in Japan. This film will be directed by Andrew Levitas. Major part of "Minamata" will be shot in Japan and Serbia. The film's cast started their preparations for the film, in fact they even met the victims and their families who had witnessed this horrifying incident in Japan.

There is no news on when the "Minamata" will be released.

-Akhila Kakarala
Pic courtesy: Johnny Depp Instagram