Hairstyles For Festive Season

The festive season is a great time to get creative and start experimenting with looks and styles. With all the festivities that Diwali brings, visiting friends and attending parties, it’s always nice to have a variety of ways to do your hair, and make each occasion unique. Diwali is a festival of many celebrations, a time of year that involves plenty of shopping and partying with friends and family. So of course everyone wants to look different and their fashionable best.

Getting some vivid partial highlights will make your hair look colourful as well as interesting. Since Diwali is full of activity and movement, hair is most manageable when it’s tied up. The pollution in the air may be a source of concern, so taking utmost care is vital. However, this damage is nothing a good hair spa can’t fix.

This week, You & I catches up with hairstylist Umesh Bopapuram, He takes us through some simple, elegant, beautiful hairstyles that you can try this season. Here are his recommendations for what goes particularly well with Indian wear. Most are suitable for all ages and can be done with ease.

The classic braid- For Indians, the braid is a classic hairstyle that will never be forgotten. Simple as it is, one can make it less conventional with the use of accessories. Add a string or ribbon to one of the three sections of hair; choose one of the colours in your outfit so that it ties in well with your overall look.

The fishtail- This is one of those braids that really grabs everyone’s attention and looks dressy no matter what. Unlike the classic braid, the fishtail has no particular number of sections that are overlapped. The hair is divided into two small sections; the bottom of one is placed into the next. The smaller the sections, the more time it will take, but the more elegant and thick your braid will look. Add coloured extensions or a golden string to dress this stylish hairdo even further.

The messy braid- This is another look that never seems to go out of style. The messy braid is a variant of the classic that seems to look classy while being messy. This style, used in many films, can be teamed with almost any ensemble. Once you’ve made your classic braid, loosen each loop of the braid in a way that looks messy yet graceful.

The French braid- A favourite among young girls, this one requires a little patience, but the result is rewarding. This festive season, make a style statement by going down memory lane while reinventing it. Starting from the front hairline, take a thick handful and divide into three sections. Start braiding, adding a bit more hair as you go down toward the back of the neck.

The hairline braid- Want to look different? Reminiscent of Greek and Roman maidens, this style works well for a formal or casual look. Take a handful of hair from two or three inches along your hairline. Make a braid along the hairline, and pin it in place on the other side. For the rest of the hair, wear it as you wish –loose and flowing, or a perky ponytail.

The classic bun- The good ol’ bun is back in vogue. While it was once the domain of the middle-aged, now it’s very ‘in’ with ethnic style. You can play around with the front look, while choosing a central or side part. The bulk of your hair can be divided into smaller sections, and pinned behind at the nape or higher. The loose chignon is a variation of this, and is a more casual, Westernised variant.

The messy bun- Another variation on the style from older Hindi movies, the messy bun calls for a hot curling iron to make your hair wavy and curly. It can then be pinned back like a classic bun, but messily. The loose, windblown, stray hairs are the essence of this style.

The half-head pin-up-The half-head pin-up is classy yet modern, and can be done several ways. Using the hair on one side of your head, twist and pin up either all or part of the hair. Curl the ends, and leave your hair on the other shoulder. It’s very quick and fashionable, and allows you to use several dressy hair accessories, like hairpins and jewel clips.

Volume up- If you prefer flaunting your hair by tossing it around, you can just wear it down. Instead of straight and simple, add some volume by using a curling iron to add curls and waves. This hairstyle can be worn with almost anything, but make sure the weather isn’t too hot, or you will be too uncomfortable.

– as told to Saloni

You & I and Umesh wish everyone a very happy Diwali. We hope you have a fabulous and fun time this festive season!