Google and Stella McCartney join hands to help lower fashion's environmental footprint

With the increase in environmental pollutants from the fashion industries, top labels are coming up with ways to change their production processes. For this project, luxury brand Stella McCartney has teamed up with Google to work on saving the environment.  

One of the main reasons for environmental damage is because brands lack the ability to clearly see and grasp an understanding about the supply chain. In order to address this issues, Google comes into play. The new pilot scheme, which will be announced at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, is going to help luxury brands to get a better understanding of their supply chain. After they  develop an understanding of their supply chain, then they can think about coming up with ways to save the environment. Google is inventing a tool to compile this information by using data analytics and machine learning. This technological company will collaborate with Stella McCartney, which is one of the few brands that focus on minimising the environmental impact. Under this pilot scheme, one of the first things that the team will be working on is production of cotton and viscose. 

By introducing such programs, the aim is to let brands choose the raw materials and processes in such a way that they are sustainable.

-Akhila kakarala