Get Cooking: Dum Ke Bhooley And Maple And Pecan Nut Tart

Dum Ke Bhooley is a delicious recipe prepared with paneer and flavourful spices. Maple And Pecan Nut Tart is a sweet dish made with pecan nut and healthy maple syrup. A Chef from ITC Kakatiya has shared the recipe.

Dum Ke Bhooley

Ingredients                        Qty

Malai paneer                     50 gm

Julienne carrot                  10 gm

Julienne capsicum           10 gm

Julienne cabbage             10 gm

Julienne potato                10 gm

Ghee                                15 ml

Shahjeera                        3 gm

Turmeric powder             2 gm

Garam masala                  2 gm

Salt                                   to taste

Yellow chilli powder           2 gm

Saffron                              1 gm

Corn flour                         20 gm

Bread crumb                    20 gm

Cheese                            10 gm


  1. Dry roast the saffron and make a powder. Mix it with 15 ml of water. Then cut julienne of the mentioned vegetables, heat ghee, add shahjeera, and sauté all the vegetables. Now add the mentioned spices.
  2. Cut thin slices of paneer and fill the mixture. Add grated cheese and roll it.
  3. Make batter of corn flour and saffron, coat the paneer barrels with the batter and crumb fry on the tawa. Serve hot.


Maple And Pecan Nut Tart

Ingredients                      Qty

Castor sugar                  250 gm

Maple syrup                   400 ml

Butter                             185 gm

Pecan nut                      300 gm


  1. Caramelise sugar and add butter, then add the maple syrup and mix well.
  2. Fill this mixture in a sweet pastry shell and refrigerate. Serve cold.