Five tips for managing chronic bronchitis

Bronchitis is caused when there is an inflammation in the bronchial tubes, carrying air to your lungs. Due to irritation in these tubes, thick mucus is created, further obstructing air from passing into the lungs. An individual suffering from bronchitis experiences mucus filled cough, trouble breathing and occasional tightness in the chest. Chronic bronchitis is when the condition keeps coming back or doesn’t go away at all.

Apart from medication prescribed to you by a doctor, there are number of other changes you can make in your daily life to deal with chronic bronchitis more effectively. Here are 5 expert tips for managing your condition:

1.       Quit Smoking - This is the most widely heard tip to manage chronic bronchitis. Smoking when suffering from bronchitis can be your worst enemy, aggravating your situation to the extent that breathing becomes difficult. A “smoker’s cough” is considered to be the most obvious sign of chronic bronchitis, warning you that smoking is irreversibly damaging your lungs. As you stop smoking, you’ll realize that your bronchitis symptoms are improving and that you’re able to breathe better.

2.       Stick to your medication schedule - Don’t quit your prescribed medication schedule, even when you start feeling better. In most cases, the doctor will prescribe a bronchodilator - a drug used to relax the muscles surrounding your bronchial tubes, or it could also be a steroid to reduce the swelling around these tubes. You can consume the bronchodilator in either pill or inhaler form, based on your convenience and the doctor’s advice. In recent times, patients have also turned to oxygen therapy to replenish the oxygen in your body, given that this is a challenge for your inflamed airways. A spirometry machine is also very effective in diagnosing the extremeness of your condition and monitoring your treatment.

3.       Exercise regularly and stay fit - Exercising daily can go a long way in improving the overall fitness of your body and managing bronchitis. Being overweight puts more pressure on your lungs and this only makes it more difficult for you to manage the disease. However, bronchitis may also take a toll on your appetite so you must make sure to consume the right fluids and follow a healthy diet.

Additionally, you must also dedicate some time everyday to exercise your lungs and increase their efficiency.

4.       Conquer your mind - Having problem breathing can be a frightening situation to be caught in and anxiety only makes it worse. As you feel nervous and anxious, your breathing becomes more shallow and rapid. Thus, you must train yourself to believe that being short of breath doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in immediate danger. Try to remain calm, relax your mind and conquer your fear.

5.       Let Yourself Rest When You Need to Recharge- Staying active is a huge part of dealing with chronic bronchitis but this doesn’t mean that you push yourself to the level of exertion. You must understand the limits of your body and accordingly take a break when required. Stay active but don’t force yourself to the level of physical exertion. Give yourself adequate rest and time to recharge so you can continue feeling healthy.

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