Disney Casts Liu Yifei In A Live-Action film

Chinese actress Liu Yifei will be collaborating with Walt Disney for a live-action adaptation of American animated musical film “Mulan”, directed by Niki Caro. 

The film is inspired by the “Ballad of Mulan,” in which a young woman pretends to be a man to take her father’s position in the army. In an interview with Vulture, Disney’s President of Motion Picture Production, Sean Bailey confirmed the change in direction, he said, “Mulan is clearly an empowered-female story but we can also do something new in this reimagining, make it a little more muscular, stronger, with touch of Ridley Scott,”. 

In the film, Liu Yifei will be seen playing the role of Mulan. She has acted in several English movies such as “Outcast”, “The Forbidden Kingdom”, and “The Chinese Widow”. 

The film is slated to be released on November 2nd 2018. 

-Akhila Kakarala

Pic courtesy: https://www.instagram.com/p/BS9ZUZoljmJ/?hl=en&taken-by=liuyifeioff