Anushka Sharma is keen on Experimenting with her roles

Actress Anushka Sharma says experimenting with roles has been a mainstay in her career, right from the start. In a promotional campaign for her latest endorsement, Anushka plays a triple role of a daughter, mother, and grandmother.

On the experience, Anushka said, "I have always tried to experiment with my roles right from the beginning. This year, I am doing films in which all my characters are very different from one another in terms of physical and emotional appearance. So, when you get to do that in an advertisement, you feel great.”

She added, "Playing a triple role was something which I had never done before, so I was very excited. It takes a lot of time to do prosthetic make-up, but the end result was great. So, I was all up for it."

Anushka's upcoming Bollywood projects include “Zero” and the biopic on Sanjay Dutt.

"I am really happy that this year I am doing different kind of films and both my films are going to release very soon. As far as the Dutt biopic is concerned, that's one film that the audience will be very excited about and will be happy while watching it.

I recently saw a teaser of the film and I really liked it. I am doing a cameo in it. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to watching the film."