9 Luxurious Housing Projects where you Wish you Lived – Hyderabad

by pavan
Find respite and refinement in the heart of Hyderabad with an extraordinary stay at The World at Jubilee Hills, where these lavish apartments offer enchanting views of the iconic neighbourhood. Set amidst the prestigious ambience of Jubilee Hills Road number 82, this architectural marvel goes beyond the ordinary, redefining the essence of luxury living.

One of the core sectors of India — the real estate sector — experienced a significant impact at the onset of the pandemic. However, demonstrating remarkable resilience and adaptability to the ‘new normal,’ the realty industry not only rebounded swiftly but also harnessed the opportunities presented by shifting consumer behaviours, emerging trends, and evolving lifestyle patterns for sustained growth.

This trend was no different in Hyderabad, where the residential real estate market has been thriving, fueled by the latest trends favouring spacious homes, better livability, and flexible work models. The pandemic-induced economic and behavioural changes in consumers have played a pivotal role in driving the growth of real estate in emerging locations.
Amidst these developments, the real estate sector in India, including Hyderabad, also grappled with the impact of inflation, prompting careful strategies to address its influence on the property market.

“As a real estate expert, I have observed a notable rise in inflation, which naturally raises questions about its impact on the Hyderabad property market. To navigate this challenge, we have adopted strategies to address the changing dynamics and maintain a balanced approach,” says Sivalingala Damodar.

He continues, “While the market has indeed improved due to increased population density and demand, there is also a slight surplus of supply. Nevertheless, Hyderabad’s real estate scene has undergone significant positive changes over the past decade, transforming it into a highly sought-after destination for investors and homebuyers alike. This transformation is attributed to various factors, including the government’s support in enhancing infrastructure, such as roads and connectivity, which has garnered attention from many potential buyers and investors.

Addressing the existence of vacant properties, we are aware of its potential impact on market perception, and we continuously monitor these aspects to ensure informed decision-making in the real estate landscape.”
Over the past year, we have witnessed a gradual equalization in the real estate market in Hyderabad as supply and demand have started to match more effectively. This balance has been contributed to by a significant improvement in demand during this period.

“It is fascinating to note the market’s evolution, with apartment sizes as large as 10,000, 15,000, or even 16,000 square feet now being offered, which was not something we anticipated earlier in Hyderabad,” he adds. The government’s focus on enhancing infrastructure and connectivity, such as the outer ring road and regional ring road, has contributed to the appeal of properties within and outside the city.

Furthermore, a slew of infrastructure upgrades, including last-mile connectivity, development of economic corridors, and construction of social infrastructure, has had a multiplier effect on the real estate value in Hyderabad. Additionally, the increased traction from various sectors like IT & ITES, BFES, BPOs, and retailers has further strengthened the digital infrastructure, creating more job opportunities and driving demand for residential spaces in these areas.

The pandemic has been a catalyst for significant lifestyle changes among buyers, leading to a surge in the growth of real estate. The demand for spacious homes has increased in the age of physical distancing, work-from-home, and homeschooling arrangements. Moreover, companies are adopting remote, flexible, and hybrid working options, resulting in a need for more versatile office spaces and attracting talent from a wider pool.

Sivalingala Damodar.

In light of these developments, Hyderabad is facing challenges with its dense population, leading to traffic congestion and other issues. To address this, Damodar says, “The government is actively focusing on developing suburban areas like Outer Ring Road (O.R.R.) to alleviate the pressure on the city centre. These strategic plans aim to accommodate the growing population and offer better living conditions with improved infrastructure and connectivity.“

He adds, “As areas like Siddipet, Sangareddy, and Shamshabad experience rapid growth and development, it becomes essential for the government to closely monitor and upgrade road infrastructure to meet the increasing demand and supply.” The government plays a crucial role in shaping the infrastructure of the city, and these efforts are vital to support the expanding real estate market and enhance the overall living experience in these growing areas.

Investing in road networks, public transportation, and connectivity is vital to ensure smooth mobility and accessibility for the rising population and economic activities in Hyderabad. By addressing these infrastructure challenges, the government can enhance the overall living experience and contribute to the success of these emerging regions.

So how did Hyderabad rejuvenate its real estate sector post-COVID? According to Sarosh Parakh, a distinguished property consultant and founding partner of Premium Property Consultants, “In the wake of the pandemic, there has been an unprecedented surge in demand across diverse asset classes.” With an impressive 24 years of experience in the property business, Parakh is a respected figure in Hyderabad, renowned for his work and extensive network within both corporate and individual spheres. He explains, “Notably, within the residential sector, developers are strategically embarking on ambitious expansion plans, unveiling larger and more sophisticated projects while securing extensive land parcels. This dynamic shift is underpinned by a robust appetite for luxury and premium properties in key Tier-I cities across India. Buyers are keenly embracing the trend of upsizing, driven by aspirations of owning spacious homes and the heightened demand for rentals. This surge in demand has notably catalyzed a substantial escalation in both land parcel and residential property prices. In prominent markets like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Pune, land prices have catapulted compelling developers to respond with marked price adjustments.”

In Hyderabad, we’re seeing a parallel scenario unfold, where the city is experiencing a remarkable surge in luxury residential developments. This can be attributed to a robust job market and escalating demands, propelling the local real estate landscape. Consequently, land prices within the city and its sub-markets have soared. Despite a rising per square footage rate, the total supply has dwindled due to relentless buyer demand. To bridge this supply-demand gap, developers are willing to pay premium prices to landowners, capitalizing on the positive sentiments and the higher-than-available demand.
A significant number of real estate buyers are now concentrating on upgrading their properties to elevate their living standards. This inclination is fueled by the substantial 40-50% appreciation observed in their existing properties, affirming their confidence in the residential real estate sector.

Moreover, the escalating input and construction costs contribute significantly to the escalating real estate project prices across major markets nationwide. With the country’s economy and infrastructure on an upward trajectory, probably, real estate prices will persistently rise. This presents an appealing environment for investments, with investors being drawn to the potential for increased value.

This promising landscape offers developers a unique opportunity to create projects that stand out not only in size and price but also in delivering enduring value to investors, buyers, and occupiers. It’s safe to say that bright days lie ahead for residential real estate developers and investors.”

The upswing in Hyderabad’s real estate market, characterized by the rise of expansive residential projects, signifies the city’s remarkable growth trajectory. As the market evolves, addressing challenges like road congestion becomes pivotal. The government’s strategic focus on suburban development is a positive stride toward alleviating urban pressures and fostering sustainable progress. Moreover, the infusion of technological innovations is reshaping the market landscape with fresh concepts and designs, further enhancing Hyderabad’s allure as a dynamic and promising hub for real estate investment. In this week’s feature, we take a closer look at nine of these brilliant and luxurious apartments and villas that epitomize Hyderabad’s evolving real estate landscape.  — Anisha Pradhan

“The World” at Your Feet

Find respite and refinement in the heart of Hyderabad with an extraordinary stay at The World at Jubilee Hills, where these lavish apartments offer enchanting views of the iconic neighbourhood. Set amidst the prestigious ambience of Jubilee Hills Road number 82, this architectural marvel goes beyond the ordinary, redefining the essence of luxury living.

Spanning across a vast 14.5-acre expanse, The World at Jubilee Hills proudly showcases nine towering edifices, each majestically soaring to 35 floors. This ambitious project harmoniously weaves opulent design with innovative elements,
carving a new definition for extravagant living. What truly sets The World apart is its exceptional approach to
design – a concept unrivalled in India. Inspired and envisioned by its own prospective residents, this project embraces a level of personalization that elevates it into a league of its own within the realm of architecture.

The allure of The World extends far beyond its walls. Enter the sprawling 1.2 Lakh Sft clubhouse, a sanctuary of relaxation
and elegance. Plunge into the inviting infinity pool, elevate your fitness journey within India’s grandest gymnasium, or unleash your inner star in the karaoke room. Seek serenity within the cigar room, lose yourself in the state-of-the-art theatre, and bask in leisure with the golf & cricket Simulator. From spirited indoor games like badminton and squash to the strategic thrill of Table Tennis, every conceivable entertainment is thoughtfully curated.

Step outdoors and discover a world of natural splendour that awaits you. Embark on a journey along the meticulously designed 1.4 km jogging track, leading you to an engaging rock climbing wall. Pamper your beloved pets in the international standard pet park, as melodious cascades serenade your senses. Ascend to a whimsical tree house, navigate a perplexing vertical maze that defies expectations, and partake in cultural spectacles at the outdoor amphitheatre.

At The World, your individuality is cherished and nurtured. Delight in the opportunity to customize kitchens and wardrobe
spaces, shaping your home to reflect your unique personality and style. The parking experience here is far from conventional. The meticulously planned 4-level car park stands gracefully above ground, boasting India’s largest car parking size. It caters even to the most discerning automobile aficionados, offering an exclusive garage-style option and electric car charging points for each apartment, providing unparalleled convenience.

The visionaries behind this architectural triumph have woven a tapestry of brilliance. Genesis, with over 27 years of expertise, seamlessly integrates local essence into their projects. Killa Design, the visionary creators behind the iconic Museum of the Future, stands as the talk of Dubai’s architectural landscape with their most awe-inspiring and highly-discussed projects. The firm’s designs blend innovation, contextual inspiration, and environmental sustainability, resulting in architectural marvels that will stand the test of time.

The landscape architecture, courtesy of Cracknell, renowned for global excellence, enriches the ambience. Aamir and
Hamida, one of the top interior designers in India celebrated for their contemporary design prowess, lend their artistic touch to the one-of-a-kind Experience Center nestled within Jubilee Hills.

Crafted by DSR-SR Prime Spaces LLP, an illustrious name within the DSR Group, this project comprises a mere 438 units spread across the sprawling expanse, guaranteeing both exclusivity and space. Each tower offers indispensable amenities such as gymnasiums, swimming pools, and conference halls, effortlessly blending luxury into everyday life. Guided by the visionary D Sudhakar Reddy (DSR), this opulent creation pledges a lifestyle where opulence converges with innovation, where every facet narrates a tale of grandeur. Welcome to The World at Jubilee Hills – more than just a residence, it’s an embodiment of a life lived beautifully. Envisioned with the utmost care, The World at Jubilee Hills introduces distinctive features that redefine luxury living:           www.theworldjh.com

Exclusivity Redefined: Discover an intimate community with a limited number of units across the expansive landscape, promising an exclusive and serene environment.

The World Experience Center at Jubilee Hills

Artistry in Parking: Elevate your daily routine with an exclusive garage-style option and India’s largest car parking size, ensuring both convenience and elegance.

Grand Clubhouse: Immerse yourself in opulence at one of India’s largest clubhouses, offering an array of leisure and entertainment options.

Towers of Luxury: Each tower seamlessly blends essential amenities with timeless sophistication, providing a vertical canvas of urban living at its finest.

Aquatic Extravaganza: Immerse yourself in a world of aquatic luxury with an astonishing 168 swimming pools, creating an unparalleled oasis of relaxation and pleasure.

Embrace Opulence at Poulomi Palazzo

Another prolific chapter unfolds at Poulomi Palazzo, where the definition of home transcends to new heights of luxury and elegance. With its soaring 55 stories, this architectural masterpiece stands as a symbol of opulence and refinement, offering an entryway to a world of unrivaled indulgence.

Indulgence reaches celestial levels at the Infinity Pool, majestically positioned 52 stories high, where one can also swim among the clouds and stars, becoming a serene and invigorating experience for the mind, body, and soul.

Impeccable planning and meticulous attention to detail ensure that Poulomi Palazzo epitomizes luxury in every inch, creating a seamless flow and an ambiance of effortless living. From the verdant gardens that embrace you upon arrival to the grandeur of the five-floor Lobby, extravagance permeates every nook and cranny of this exceptional property.
Each day promises breathtaking sunsets and awe-inspiring sky views from the comfort of your own home. Meanwhile, Club Palazzo beckons you with its array of world-class amenities, featuring an all-weather jogging track, state-of-the-art gym, serene indoor pool, soothing spa, exclusive private dining room, and a refined billiards area.

Take leisurely jogs at your convenience on the shock-absorbent indoor track, thoughtfully designed to prioritize your well-being and ensure utmost comfort.

Dive into indulgence and relaxation at the lavish indoor pool, where luxury extends to having not one, but two pools within the confines of your home. Embrace a life worth cherishing as you treat yourself to invigorating massages, rejuvenating facials, and exquisite therapies, enveloped in an ambience of pure indulgence.

One can also step into the tastefully designed Private Dining Room to entertain and dine in celebrity style. This intimate space offers privacy and tailor-made dining experiences fit for royalty.

For grand celebrations, the Banquet Hall awaits, fully equipped to cater to every occasion, making you the epitome of the perfect host. Live life king-size with private moments in your double-height balconies, basking in the gentle glow of sunlight and starlight, fostering an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being.

Vertex Kingston Park, a visionary project by Vertex Homes Pvt Ltd (VHPL), stands poised to redefine luxury living in Hyderabad.

Vertex Kingston Park: An Iconic Landmark of Ultra-Luxury Living

Vertex Kingston Park, a visionary project by Vertex Homes Pvt Ltd (VHPL), stands poised to redefine luxury living in Hyderabad. Situated in the tranquil expanse of Nallagandla, Gachibowli, this prestigious venture introduces an exclusive collection of 250 meticulously designed villas, each boasting a unique and unparalleled architectural elevation.

Encompassing 40 sprawling acres, the project seamlessly melds with its lush green surroundings, creating an enchanting oasis within the urban tapestry.

A standout feature of Vertex Kingston Park is its strategic location. Nestled near Hyderabad Central University and bordered by the expansive 2400-acre Green Belt, the project enjoys a prime spot in the dynamic western corridor of Hyderabad.
The entrance to Vertex Kingston Park offers a captivating view of abundant greenery, setting the stage for the opulent lifestyle that awaits within. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Vertex Kingston Park boasts an array of indoor amenities that elevate the daily living experience. From a versatile multipurpose hall and a sophisticated business lounge to a fully equipped gymnasium, spa & salon facilities, and even an avant-garde preview theatre, every aspect of a luxurious lifestyle has been thoughtfully curated. Additional conveniences encompass a library, a dedicated yoga/aerobic room, a modern clinic, a nurturing crèche, and thoughtfully appointed guest rooms, ensuring that all conceivable requirements are catered to effortlessly.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Vertex Kingston Park offers an array of recreational choices. Relax by the sparkling swimming pool or take a leisurely stroll along the meticulously designed walking/jogging trail. The poolside party lawn sets the stage for memorable gatherings, while sports enthusiasts can engage in activities at the badminton, squash, and tennis courts, or enjoy a game of billiards. A dedicated children’s play area, an outdoor gym, and a basketball court with a viewing gallery further enhance the outdoor experience.

The development also features a captivating mist plaza with interactive misters and fountains, a tropical drive, and an enchanting island with a serene water body to captivate your senses. The clubhouse serves as a vibrant hub for social interactions, while the meditation and exercise decks provide a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle.

In the heart of Hyderabad’s Financial District stands Myscape Isle Of Sky

Myscape Isle Of Sky – A Luxurious Tower of Exclusivity

In the heart of Hyderabad’s Financial District stands Myscape Isle Of Sky, an extraordinary residential tower capturing the essence of exclusivity. With just one tower and one apartment per floor, it offers a rare and private living experience, with only 28 coveted units available.

The ground floor welcomes residents with a grand reception and an impressive 16-foot-high ceiling height, exuding an aura of grandeur. Here, an array of resident amenities beckons, inviting them to practice yoga, indulge in a game of squash, or unwind with board games. For those who love hosting events, a multi-purpose party hall opens into a beautifully landscaped party lawn, perfect for social gatherings.

But the true allure lies within the apartments, where a stunning 360-degree view awaits from every side. From the grand lobby to the rooftop infinity pool and gym, residents can revel in a bird’s-eye view of the world below.

In the heart of Hyderabad’s Financial District stands Myscape Isle Of Sky

Adding to the charm are the protruded balconies, offering glimpses of a refreshing vertical garden adorned with 250 trees, some reaching heights of 12 feet. The master bedroom’s balcony houses a magnificent planter, creating a serene forest-like experience.

Inside, each apartment boasts customizable spaces, allowing residents to personalize their living spaces according to their preferences. The open, Vastu-compliant, and spacious design provides the freedom to craft a dream home high above the city. With a private lift lobby on every floor and one apartment per floor, privacy is unparalleled, making Myscape Isle Of Sky a true haven.


Discover an extraordinary living experience in Hyderabad — Woods @ Shamshabad

Woods @ Shamshabad: A Nature-Infused Luxury Community

Discover an extraordinary living experience in Hyderabad — Woods @ Shamshabad, a coveted luxury community that redefines opulence and harmony with nature. Spanning 42 acres, this urban park boasts 76 exclusive properties surrounded by a self-sustaining micro forest, home to over 150 local tree species.

Blending privacy, luxury, and environmental consciousness, Woods @ Shamshabad offers the best of both worlds — serene seclusion and easy access to the bustling city. Nestled 553 meters above the valley floor, the community’s thoughtfully engineered design collects rainwater to nourish the lush forest, creating a captivating ecosystem.

Inspired by the Miyawaki Method, this green haven fosters biodiversity, reduces air pollution, and provides a serene ambience with gentle wildlife sounds and fresh forest scents. Each luxury villa is an architectural marvel, combining traditional South Indian elements with modern technology and eco-friendly materials.

Discover an extraordinary living experience in Hyderabad — Woods @ Shamshabad

The property boasts a state-of-the-art club that caters to your every social, wellness, and business need. This superstructure floats atop the stormwater pond, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding forest through its glass facade. The club’s design seamlessly extends into the lawns, becoming one with the woods, while its substructure opens into the underwater ecosystem.

Indulge in a variety of amenities, including a banquet hall, guest suites, organic cafe, barbecue area, and a business lounge. The wellness area features a spa, gym, infinity pool, indoor games area, and a yoga pavilion, providing ample opportunities to relax and rejuvenate. An open-air theatre and art exhibition gallery will captivate artists and art enthusiasts alike.

Woods @ Shamshabad sets a new standard for environmental consciousness. Not only does it reduce and moderate temperatures by 3 degrees C, but it also absorbs a minimum of 15% of air pollution and dust. The community blocks and reduces noise by 10 decibels and increases biodiversity by a factor of 18. Producing oxygen equivalent to 30 villages, Woods @ Shamshabad is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, with the entire community built with local materials.

Phoenix Halcyon: A Haven of Luxury and Serenity in Jubilee Hills

Phoenix Halcyon: A Haven of Luxury and Serenity in Jubilee Hills

Halcyon, an emblem of elegant living, gracefully takes shape at the most sought-after address in Jubilee Hills. This luxurious residential community offers an unparalleled living experience with breathtaking views of serene surroundings and the urban landscape.

Perched on an elevated terrain, Halcyon offers prestige and charm along with spectacular 360-degree views of the city skyline, providing residents with an exclusive and serene living environment.

The opulent design of Halcyon encompasses high-end architecture featuring wooden cladding and glass, creating a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Every detail, from space and balance to light and elevation, has been meticulously planned to create a holistic living experience.

Phoenix Halcyon: A Haven of Luxury and Serenity in Jubilee Hills

Halcyon boasts three designer apartment blocks – Etna and Olympus and now soon to be launched, Fuji. Each block offers a plethora of amenities to cater to residents’ needs and desires. Etna Block includes a coffee lounge, Indoor and Outdoor seating, swimming pool, gymnasium, meditation area, and multi-purpose area. The podium & OSR add to the delights with a half basketball court, themed lawn with seating, jogging track, car-free zone, and more.

Halcyon homes are exquisitely designed and magnificently built, creating a private sanctuary for residents to cherish. With features and elements carefully procured and integrated, these condos provide a sense of pride and peace to homeowners.
Located at the crest of Jubilee Hills, Halcyon offers easy access to the city’s vibrant landscape while allowing residents to capture the surrounding beauty from its elevated position.

The community provides an array of amenities, including a Clubhouse, Swimming Pool, Mini Theatre, Gym, Spa, Library, Coffee Shop, and more, to enhance the residents’ lifestyle.

Halcyon is a testament to architectural brilliance and aestheticism. Developed by Phoenix Group on a 5.0-acre land, Halcyon offers apartments ranging from 3,500 to 5,190 sq ft with 3 to 4 bedrooms.

 The Valencia: A Living Masterpiece in the Heart of Hyderabad

The Valencia: A Living Masterpiece in the Heart of Hyderabad

Nestled within a sprawling 2.0-acre expanse, Subishi’s Valencia introduces an exceptional residential haven. Offering a diverse range of configurations, including 3 BHK and 4 BHK layouts, the property encompasses 14 towers, each spanning ground plus 7 floors. With living spaces ranging from 2400 to 4300 square feet, the residences are thoughtfully designed to ensure 100% vastu compliance, fostering a sense of harmony and well-being.

Valencia sets a new standard of privacy and luxury with its innovative design, providing one flat per floor, and granting residents an entire floor of living space to revel in. The meticulously designed 15,000 square feet clubhouse enriches the experience, featuring a fitness centre that promotes holistic well-being.

Perfectly situated in the heart of the dynamic Banjara Hills, at Road No. 12 Kaman, Valencia offers an unparalleled address in Hyderabad. The location affords residents panoramic city vistas from their balconies, capturing the urban essence and spirit.

 The Valencia: A Living Masterpiece in the Heart of Hyderabad

Designed with a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces, Valencia’s architecture opens up generous areas for relaxation and rejuvenation, inviting residents to connect deeply with their surroundings. The design seamlessly bridges modern living with the embrace of nature, creating intimate sit-out areas that foster a profound connection with the environment.

Complementing the luxurious living experience, practical features include a backup generator, 9-feet wide corridors, a spacious 3-level parking facility spanning 1.5 lakh square feet, and comprehensive fire safety equipment, all contributing to comfort and security.

The allure of a rooftop swimming pool, optional home automation features, and the convenience of intercom/CCTV systems alongside 24/7 security enhance the resident experience.

Moreover, a dedicated clubhouse serves as a hub for luxurious living at Valencia. With a gymnasium, a terrace swimming pool, and a versatile multipurpose room/party hall, residents have space for diverse recreational and social activities.

Step into the remarkable Myscape Courtyard Villa, a tranquil and modern family abode located in the vibrant Financial District of Hyderabad. This impeccably constructed and entirely renovated villa offers a perfect blend of style and comfort, making it the epitome of sophistication.

Urban Oasis at Myscape Courtyard

Step into the remarkable Myscape Courtyard Villa, a tranquil and modern family abode located in the vibrant Financial District of Hyderabad. This impeccably constructed and entirely renovated villa offers a perfect blend of style and comfort, making it the epitome of sophistication.

Nestled amidst 17 acres of rejuvenating greenery, Myscape Courtyard boasts a gated community of 73 lifestyle villas, creating a magical living experience that leaves you enchanted.

Within this bustling city life, Myscape Courtyard stands as a delightful oasis, where elegance and simplicity find a playful twist. Its exclusively designed 4 BHK and 5 BHK Villas invite you to revel in serenity while ensuring seamless connectivity to renowned schools, hospitals, shopping destinations, tech parks, and all essential civic amenities.

Each Villa is thoughtfully designed to be a spacious haven of joy, embracing proper ventilation and Vastu principles to create a harmonious living space that ignites happiness.

But wait, there’s more! Myscape Courtyard pampers you with a wealth of world-class amenities. Imagine strolling through a sprawling central park, relaxing at the resort-style club patio, and enjoying thematic gardens along central boulevard.
Balancing work and play becomes effortless, thanks to Courtyard’s strategic location in the emerging Financial District. Seamlessly connect to residential and commercial areas, relishing a well-rounded and convenient lifestyle.

With a banquet hall, card games, carrom board, gym, indoor games, jogging track, landscaped garden, lobby, play area, rainwater harvesting, sandpit, security personnel, solar water heating, and a swimming pool, Myscape Courtyard truly offers an array of facilities to enrich your living experience.

Nestled amidst pristine greenery and adjacent to the picturesque Masjid Gadda forest, Rolling Meadows presents a symphony of luxury and nature.

Rolling Meadows: Where Luxury and Nature Embrace 

Nestled amidst pristine greenery and adjacent to the picturesque Masjid Gadda forest, Rolling Meadows presents a symphony of luxury and nature. With 122 exquisite villas, this premier residential community offers an unparalleled living experience that exudes elegance and grandeur.

Crafted by the renowned architect group Aalay-by-Niroop Reddy, Rolling Meadows reflects class and creative brilliance. Aalay Infra, a globally recognized name, takes pride in its top-tier architectural expertise and an esteemed portfolio of niche projects, setting the benchmark high.

Rolling Meadows features an exclusive collection of 5 BHK villas ranging in size from 7,806 sq ft to 10,645 sq ft, providing ample space for your dream abode. The community boasts good connectivity with ORR exit 14 via the service road, ensuring seamless access to major routes. And each villa offers special features that exude opulence and sophistication, including clear 14 feet floor heights and a grand 11 feet main door.

Nestled amidst pristine greenery and adjacent to the picturesque Masjid Gadda forest, Rolling Meadows presents a symphony of luxury and nature.

Inside, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail await. Italian marble flooring adds elegance, while Noken sanitary fittings, Lutron electrical automation, and Mitsubishi VRV AC bring convenience and comfort. Slimline aluminum windows enhance aesthetics and natural light, creating a harmonious ambiance.

Embrace the joys of a well-planned community with a large 2-acre central park, organic garden, and 50 percent open spaces. Engage in outdoor sports or take a leisurely stroll or bike ride in the dedicated walking and cycling area.
The centerpiece of the community is the magnificent 40,000 sq ft clubhouse, offering a myriad of luxurious amenities. Indulge in leisurely pursuits at the bowling alley or unwind in the infinity swimming pool. The supermarket caters to your daily needs, while the gym keeps you in top form. The multipurpose hall is perfect for hosting events, and the cafeteria offers delightful culinary experiences.

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