8-reasons why you should go to Barbados for vacation

by Saritha
8-reasons why you should go to Barbados for vacation

This vacation season, are you looking to have some wholesome with your family? Then Barbados is the destination that you must head to!

Crystal clear beaches, turquoise blue lagoons, great music, amazing rum and above all warm welcoming people is what Barbados is famous for. But, that is not all what makes Barbados an ideal holiday destination. Here are 8 things that make Barbados really a hot place for tourists across the world.

Welcoming beaches

If your idea of a holiday is to laze on a beach that has white sands on one side and turquoise blue sea on the other, then Barbados is the place you must head to. The beaches on the West and South side are known for their calm and safe waters and are loved by tourists across age groups as they offer great fun including snorkelling with turtles! On the other hand, if you want to try your hand at surfing, then head to the East coast.

Authentic rum

Barbados is the birthplace of rum! Established in 1703, the Mount Gay Distillery has the honour of being the oldest rum distillery in the world. Due to the abundance of sugarcane plantations, it was quite natural for the inhabitants to venture beyond the plain sugar that we consume almost everyday, so the discovered rum and the rest is history! You would find more than 1500 shops that sell rum. You may run short of land but never go out of rum when in Barbados!


Besides rum, the second most famous export of Barbados is Riri or Rihanna. The birthplace of this famous singer, song writer, actress and designer is Barbados. Rihanna had a very humble beginning in Barbados before she made it big in the global music industry.


By now you would have seen Pirates of the Caribbean umpteen numbers of times! So if you want to know which land inspired this famous movie franchise, then you must head to Barbados and see its natural beauty first-hand yourself. Only then will you understand why the producers choose to show the Pirates to be from the Caribbean and not any other place.

Flying fish

The waters around Barbados are rich in exotic seafood. However, one cannot forget the special one, the flying fish! A typical flight of the flying fish can last upto 50 metres with an average speed of about 70 kmph. Infact, with the help of an updraft, some flying fishes are known to easily traverse a distance of over 400 metres! The locals prepare a special dish known as CouCou with Flying fish. The fish are steamed and then added to a base made out of Cornmeal and Okra. This is one of Barbados’s most popular dishes.

Green monkeys

You may have seen many types of monkeys, but we bet you have never seen a green one! The Green monkey is native only to Barbados and is not found anywhere else in the world. Though much smaller in size, when it comes to just monkeying around, they are as good as any other monkey found in any part of the world!

Poisonous fruit

While every inch of Barbados is very warm and inviting, you must worry only about one thing – the Manchineel plant! Infact, everything about the plant, its leaves, bark and especially the fruit are highly toxic and could easily kill a human being. This tree is not found anywhere on the planet but in Barbados. Given its notorious reputation, the government has carefully barricaded every tree in the town areas and has placed warning signs to caution tourists.

Interesting history

Barbados became a British colony in 1627 until 1966 when it gained independence.  Even today, Barbados maintains a close relationship with Britain which has a Governor General representing its interests in Barbados. And more importantly, the British monarch is the head of state of Barbados.

If you are planning for a Barbados vacation, then you must take two precautions. First, keep away from the Manchineel tree and second, do not ever carry camouflage of any type, even a bikini, because camouflage clothing in Barbados is strictly banned!

So, if your idea of a perfect holiday revolves around Sun, Sea, Sand, rum, sea food and lots of fun then Barbados is the right place for you. Simply pack your bags and go to Barbados!

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