8 Hot Weather Hairstyles

With temperature soaring high and a newly jam-packed calendar full of travels, we’re itching to change our hairdo and flaunt it in this weather. Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of awe-inspiring hairdos that would be perfect for summer.

Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail:
Actress Blake Lively gives us the perfect example of a braided ponytail that can be worn virtually anywhere. Just pair the hairdo with flawless makeup and you are set.

French Twist With Beehive 
French Twist With Beehive:
Maria Menounos’ French twist with beehive is a classic hairstyle and has been popular for eternal now, but we think they'll still go strong this season. Also check how it showcases Maria’s gorgeous visage.

Undercut Braid 
Undercut Braid:
Shailene Woodley’s messy undercut braid can instantly give you a killer look for any summer event when edgy is everything.

Half Up Braided Hairstyle 
Half Up Braided Hairstyle:
Hottie Naya Rivera shows another way to wear a half-up hairstyle by braiding her hair on her crown. Flirty and edgy – perfecto!
Twisted Hair Knot 
Twisted Hair Knot:
If you're looking for a cute hairdo, then add a simple knot into your sexy, tousled tresses. Not only is it a perfect pick-me-up for these dreary days of April, but will also keep your neck cool in the sweltering heat.

Braided Bun 
Braided Bun:
While we love a simple bun look, Kelly Osbourne's ultra-sleek, braided bun is a welcome, refreshing change that couldn't be more perfect for this hot weather. For an extra impact, opt for a bold hair colour.

Low chignon 
Low chignon:
American actress Lizzy Caplan’s low chignon hybrid with slick, side-swept layer is an easy-peasy hairdo to recreate for a high-impact look that requires minimum effort.

Messy Milkmaid Braids 
Messy Milkmaid Braids:
If you are a believer of all things classy and messy, then you will absolutely love this hairstyle rocked by our beloved Mary Kate. Perfect for ladies’ night out or a wedding reception, the hairstyle can make heads turn!
                                                                                                                                                                                    ..... Anisha