7 Ideas to Create a Fantastic Family Photo book

New memories are built with each passing year. By creating a special family photo book, not only can you keep these memories alive but also share them with your loved ones as a lovely keepsake. Here are 7 great ideas to get you started on creating your own family photo book:

Annual Photo Book

Every New Year in your family’s life is lined with a myriad of photo-worthy vacations, activities, milestones and highlights that should be captured. With an annual family yearbook, you can recap on the year’s best moments and turn it into a yearly tradition to see how you’ve all grown together over time.

A book of firsts

From the first holiday taken together to a baby’s first steps, ‘firsts’ are always special. One great theme for a photo book is to capture and store your family’sonce in a lifetime moments so they can be relived later. Include special days such as a baby’s first Diwali, newlywed couple’s first Lohri, a child’s first day of school and so many more. Share this photo book with loved ones, especially those who live far away so they can feel closer to you.


Commemorate your loved one’sgraduation journey with a photo book. Include photos from their school or college graduation and feature teachers and friends who have made a notable difference to their life. A graduation photo book makes for a great gift to the graduating student, their parents, grand parents and all other loved ones who would like to celebrate the special occasion.

Black and White Theme

A black and white theme invariably adds unparalleled charm to photos. Most portrait photography tips would also suggest that you use monochrome effect to give your photos a stunning, timeless appeal. This lays focus on emotions in a way that colour photos are often unable to capture. Sort out and select your favourite black and white photos and organize them in a beautiful themed photo book.

Family Vacations

Travel photos make for fantastic keepsakes. Be it a small weekend getaway or an international trip together, compile your best memories from the holiday and put them together in a photo book. Everyone would love looking back on these wonderful memories and reliving exciting moments of togetherness.

Family Tree

Having a family tree is a lovely way to keep in touch with your roots and look back at the generations before you. Use a photo book to put together pictures of grandparents, great grand parents and new members of the family. Not only is this a heart warming activity but also educational for the young ones.

Special days  

Another great idea for a family photo book is to capture varied seasons and holidays. From picnics in the spring sun to ice skating in the winter, there’s so much worth storing and remembering. You can also focus on festivals such as Diwali, Holi, and Christmas. Not to mention special days such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day. Apart from seasons and festivals, the photo book could also encapsulate milestone birthdays such as 16th, 21st, 40th, 75th or important anniversaries.

Most courses taught in photography schools today also focus on how to enhance your photos and organize them together to tell a story. Professionals would recommend that you print your photo book on high quality paper using a superior printer such as the CanonDreamLabo 5000. This supreme grade photo printer provides a new-age alternative to conventional silver halide technology, making it the perfect fit to print merchandise including photo books.

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Photo Credit: SaurabhBajpai (Canon Photography)