6 Fitness Trends That Rule the Roost

Just like the world of style, food and home décor, fitness has seen its fair share of trends and fads come and go. While traditional classes such as yoga and pilates have remained consistently popular, other new and alternative ways to keep fit have also arrived on the scene. Let’s take a look at 6 popular fitness trendsthat are currently ruling the roost.

1. WEARABLE TECH: It shouldn’t come as a major surprise that wearables reign supreme this year. The need to quantify every step, every mile and every single workout isn’t going anywhere. Whether it’s a Fitbit or Lumo lift, these portable devices offer an easy and accurate way to keep tabs on your health without too much added effort.

2. IMMERSIVE FITNESS: Using the latest projection and LED technology gyms use digital projection and cinema size screens to transport fitness fanatics into visual worlds-whether that’s climbing the side of a steep glacier or sprinting across lava flows. It’s definitely exhilarating.

3. HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING: The idea here is to partake in short bursts of high-intensity exercise followed by a short period of rest or recovery which will help burn more fat and calories than regular aerobic and steady-state workouts. Coming in at around 30 minutes a session, this is a super effective way to work out for those short on time. It’s versatile, effective and efficient, taxing both aerobic and anaerobic fitness, increasing endurance, and building muscle and increasing strength, all at the same time.

4. PRECISION RUNNING: The treadmill is making a comeback with running workouts set to increase in popularity. Hitting the sweet spot between fun, fitness and tech, group runningclasses combine the excitement of spin with the competiveness of racing. All you need is a thumping playlist and some comfy trainers.

5. BODY WEIGHT TRAINING: As a super budget savvy bunch, millennial are skipping out on workouts that require expensive supplies and instead choosing an alternative that requires just one thing: you. Your body is meant to move in all directions, in multiple planes and as a connected unit. Squats, pushups, and pull-ups are some of our favorites. Now you can drop and give us a 20 of each :P

6. PLAYTIME: The trend for outdoor workouts and fun in fitness evolves to be more playful, childlike and nostalgic. This workout encourages people to escape the serious mood of the gym and head outside to the playground, where the swing doubles up as TRX for suspension training and the slide becomes and incline for an ab workout.

Even though things like ‘lose 10 pounds’ or ‘run a 7-minute mile’ sound pretty motivating, goals like that usually take at least a few months of working out consistently to achieve any noticeable progress. And being constantly disappointed that you still haven’t met any changes isn’t great for your ego. Instead, frame your exercise goals as weekly to-do’s and follow any one of these trends and then that should do your work within days. Afterall, the best project you’ll ever work on is YOU.