550 Birth Anniversary of Gurunanak –New Jersey 23rd November’2019

A master of emotional intelligence, Guru Nanak led the revolution of reawakening the consciousness of humans 550 years ago at a time when people had let go of their humanity. The message Guru Nanak Sahib was shared through inspiring the souls of humans &was communicated through the universal language of music and emotions.

Guru Nanak was a rebel, a revolutionary, a musical genius, a spiritual master and an activist. Guru Nanak fought for the rights of all people and believed in creating equal opportunities for all. Abolishing the caste system, removing gender inequality, challenging ideologies that isolate individuals and communities. The purpose of Guru Nanak’s work was to reunite humans with themselves and the humanity within them through understanding their own emotions and learning the art of expression. Awakening the consciousness of humans and reconnecting them with the power of their emotions is how we can continue to keep the message of Guru Nanak alive and relevant.

The Sikh community of New Jersey celebrated the 550th Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji 

At New Jersey Performance Arts Center in Newark, NJ on November 23rd, 2019.

Around 3500 people attended this event which lasted over 4 hours. The audience was touched by the colorful background of the stage reflecting Sikh History and performances given by speakers’ as well musical performances.

The list of eminent guests included Phillip Murphy(Governor Of New Jersey), Gurbir Singh Grewal (Attorney General of New Jersey), Bob Menendez (Senior Senator of New Jersey) and many more mayors, councilmen and other dignitaries. The event started with a Color guard ceremony in led by Colonel Kalsi.

Hannah Harleen sang the national anthem in her melodious voice to begin the event. 

Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa then sang the “Satgurur Nanak Pargatiyya” in a very symphonious manner along with her musical instrument which was so delightful and peaceful to hear.
The audience enjoyed it.

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