5 Ways Dark Chocolate Helps In Weight Loss

If you are trying to shed those extra kilos, no doubt you’ve been told to stay away from chocolates, it is time to break that taboo. Here is a good news for all chocolate lovers, experts and studies have shown that dark chocolate helps one to lose weight. Apart from helping one to lose weight, it has numerous health benefits such as lowers the risk of heart disease, improves mood, and reduces blood pressure.

The cocoa present in dark chocolate is high in natural plant nutrient and flavanols, which is associated with weight loss. It has also been found that flavanol content in dark chocolate improves insulin. High insulin level converts the stored unused glucose to fat.

5 ways in which dark chocolate helps to shed those extra kilos:

  • It Reduces Cravings- In order to lose weight while following a strict diet, you tend to get those unstoppable and unhealthy sugar cravings. Eating a little bit of dark chocolate will stop you from eating foods that are high in sugar content and lower in nutrients.
  • Improves Metabolism – Dark chocolate contains monounsaturated fatty acids which will improve metabolism to burn more calories at a fast pace. Chocolate affects the way your body synthesise fatty acids and reduces absorption of carbohydrates and fats.
  • Regulates Appetite- Since dark chocolate contains a significant amount of Fibre indulging in some dark chocolate over sweets will keep your appetite in control.
  • Encourages Exercise- After a workout, if you experience pain then munch on a dark chocolate. Dark Chocolate consists of anti-inflammatory constituents combined with magnesium, which will help in easing the pain.
  •  Reduces Inflammation and Stress- Stress is one of the culprits of weight gain. Long-term chronic stress boots hunger. Eating dark chocolate increases serotonin and endorphin levels in the brain that help ease feelings of stress and anxiety and boost your mood. Consuming dark chocolate in moderate amount can help prevent cellular damage caused by inflammation because the flavanols present in cocoa contain anti-inflammatory properties.

- Akhila Kakarala  and Pic courtesy: http://arogyamasthu.com   https://blog.fitplanapp.com