5 Vegetarian Ways to Add Protein to Your Diet

Be it women or men, a lot of people complain about bad fat it their body, especially those stubborn belly, arm and thigh fat. According to experts, eating food rich in protein helps you lose the unwanted bulk, repair the cells and build muscle mass and strength.  While non-vegetarians turn to meats and eggs, vegetarians often end up complaining about not having too many options. Though the amount and type of protein to be consumed depends on one’s body type and medical conditions, we are here to only introduce you to some basic options that you can add to your platter to increase the intake of protein in your everyday diet.

Give a start to your day with almonds. Remember, how your grandparents would soak a bunch of almonds in water overnight and consume it the first thing in the morning? Yes, the same age old nuskha is your savior. They are rich in nutritional value that can help you lower cholesterol, control blood sugar level, blood pressure and also help in weight loss.

Now, a lot of people might not like oats but what stands important is that it provides healthy fibers and a whole bunch of nutrients including magnesium and thiamine, In this internet savvy world, you are just a few clicks away from delicious and healthy Oats recipes. From Upma, Chilla, and porridge to Idli you can easily choose your way to oats!  

There’s nothing like adding lentils to the meal, especially for all the vegetarians and vegans. You can make curries, salads, daal, dosa, chutneys, and what not! Lentils are versatile to cook and are filling as well. If not anything, we suggest you to add atleast a cup of daal to your everyday diet to give your body a punch of protein. To enhance its nutritional value and taste, you can always add leafy vegetables such as spinach, gongura, and methi.

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts
Both broccoli and Brussels sprouts are excellent add-ons to the diet. While you can roast or sauté your sprouts, you can make curries with broccoli or add it to your salads.   

Ever since we were kids, we have been advised to drink milk. However while growing up we change our habits. Add a glass of milk to your everyday routine and you’ll see the difference.  You can always opt for fat free options available in the market.

 pic credit : pexels.com