5 tips to make your work space look professional

Since we spend a large part of our day at our office desks, we tend to personalize that zone to make it our own. But sometimes, the way your desk looks can convey a wrong message about you. So, before you have your colleagues judging you, here are some tips to help you out!

Lunch boxes:

Do not display your lunch boxes in the open. Put them in a bag and keep the bag under your desk. When somebody walks by your workspace, it should be clean and as minimal as possible. A cluttered desk with lunchboxes says that you are unorganized, messy and have a casual approach to everything in life.

Sticky notes:

Using multiple sticky notes can make you look organized but sometimes, it can also lead people to form a wrong opinion about your time management skills. So, display them in an orderly manner, limiting the colours and quantity.

Political Ideologies:

You might love politics but your office is not where you show support for a political party as it says a lot about your professionalism.


It is very common these days to collect toys of our favourite cartoon or TV show characters. While these miniatures look cute, they are not to be displayed on our desk. This might result in the management doubting our capabilities. So, take those action figures and minions home with you today!


Sometimes, what we find funny, the others may not. So, avoid displaying funny quotes that contain sarcasm or dark humour. Instead, put up a motivational quote to show that you are a professional who is always eager to learn.

-Nitasha Silesh
Pic courtesy: pixabay.com