5 Time Saving Tips While Dressing In The Morning

Afraid of running late in the morning? Well, not after you read the below given tips on how to save your time with some secret hacks that might help you to dress faster. If you are able to dress faster, it means you will not have to compromise on those magical extra 5 minutes after snoozing off the alarm. Read on to find out those 5 secret hacks to save your mornings –

Tip 1: Plan in advance
There are lot of things that you can do just one night before. You can mentally decide upon what you shall be wearing the next day morning, or you can decide what you will make for breakfast. This way you will save up your time that otherwise you would waste in the morning.

Tip 2: Style around 1 piece
This is really a cook trick. Instead of trying on matching different tops with different coloured bottoms and wasting time in the morning to get the perfect match, pick up one coloured piece, and style around it. Match your accessories with it, and wear matching footwear.

Tip 3: Separate good outfits from casual ones
Maintain different racks or shelves for different kinds of clothes. This will save your time in finding them when you need them. Once you do this, you will simply have to go up to that shelf and pick up one outfit based on the events planned for the day.

Tip 4: Get a steamer for your clothes
The most painful task is to iron clothes early in the morning, when you are already running late. Getting a steamer will ease out your work. Just fill water to the minimum level indicated on it, and let the water steam spray on your clothes. It will work against the crushes and wrinkles. Once that’s done, just turn the sucker on, and all the water is vanished.

Tip 5: Keep your footwear and socks in one place
All your pairs of footwear and socks – keep it all in one drawer or shelf. Even after wash, ensure you place it back in its place, so that you do not have to hurry to pick up your shoes or pumps from your room or dining hall. Preferably put them just near the main door.