5 things Which Are Either Hidden or Untold by Your Gym Trainer

Trying hard to get back into shape? Haven’t been seeing any results after so much of your efforts? Yes this happens only when you don’t put enough efforts to reduce those extra kilos, but here are few simple things which are never told or bothered by your trainer to tell you which cost you a bomb. Don’t waste your effort and know these simple things to stay fit and healthy.
1)       Say no to supplements:  it is very much necessary to take in that extra protein and amino acid content to our body, and most of the trainer suggest on those dietary supplements which powders no way can replace the rich source of protein from the food. Do not depend on diluted powdered supplements rather include better source of amino acids food in your diet.
2)       Avoid working out when you’re sick: It's best to stay away from gym when you’re not feeling good, It’s not necessary to work out with your half strength muscle and weaken your  body even more and making you sick for a few more days.
3)       Proper push-up’s makes a lot of difference: Push-up’s are best done when you have proper grip over the handles of a bar placed on the floor or with a set of dumbbells, rather than placing your palms on the floor which can actually strain your wrists
4)       Know the difference between burn and pain: there’s a marked difference between the both, you have to know better what is burn and what is pain after all it's your body and you know it best
5)      Perfect gear for perfect workout: Good gym wear make you feel good about yourself, its easy to stay fit when you love what to wear and workout. Yet another smart excuse to shop more.